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The title of this exhibit, “Rock-Pixel-Scissors," refers to the old hand game of who goes first and to the media used in creating this exhibit by the husband and wife team of Rob and Lori Reed of Galesburg. It offers a fresh look at collage, sculpture and — the computer pixel.

An impressive body of stone carved sculpture by Rob Reed first meets the eye. Though none is over 3’ tall, each has a monumental feel and can be envisioned as larger than life size work. “Buster,” a limestone carving which has an Art Deco curvilinear appeal, invites one to view it in the round (as do the others). Its bas relief surface designs cast strong shadows. “Gia” has surface contrasts that alternate from smooth to rough edges. All the sculptures are compact and originate from a rectangular or square block — no holes. Unopened, they hold their space solidly. For Rob the guide to carving is his own intuition and the very act of carving itself.

Both graphic artists, Rob and Lori, collaborated on two 6’ long “photo shop” collages printed on canvas. “A week in Provence” is a complex story-image of overlapping pictures and symbols of Provence, France. It has the effect of many slides projected at once on a screen.

Lori continues the exploration into collage paper images in her “View Master Series.” Scraps from magazines, letters, canceled stamps and pieces of photos make an appearance. “View Master U.S. by Car” includes canceled stamps of cars. Perhaps her most sensitive approach to materials and image is found in her small fabric banners in which a Hindu god sits as an icon. “Veiled Ganesh” is one. Under a transparent crimson veil, a god floats in a field of rich fabric contrasts and golden accents.

It's apparent in the exhibit how a creative couple can inspire each other to new heights, both as individual artists and as a collaborative duo.

The exhibit is now showing at Monmouth College in the Hewes Library. It remains up till March 24th.


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Kaldi's Coffeehouse & Tearoom, 124 East Simmons Street in Galesburg: Color, action sports photos by Kent Kriegshauser, photographer for the Register-Mail.