Life On Mars?

The Holy Bible does not, in any way, support or deny the premise of life on other planets besides the earth. It is wrong to assume, because the Bible does not mention life on any other planet, that this means life can't exist anywhere except earth­­ as many who claim Christianity presume. The Bible does not pretend to document all facts and all truth within its covers.

On the contrary, even just concerning the acts of Jesus, apostle John records, "And there are also many other which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written." John 21:25. I would imagine, based on this statement of John, there are many truths God chose not to reveal to us in the Bible.

For us to assume anything, can only make an ass out of u and me. The most amazing thing to me, concerning what is claimed to be proof that there is life on Mars, is based solely on an assumption. That assumption being that the asteroid under discussion was deposited on earth over four and a half billion years.

Like many so-called intelligent proponents of Christianity, many believe what they are told based on assumptions without questioning the validity of the assumptions, which make up the basis of their beliefs, regardless of facts or logic, ie... the location and reality of "Heaven," the location and makeup of "Hell," the celebration of "Christmas" as the birthday of Jesus, the son of the virgin Mary, the celebration of "Easter" as the time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the grave, plus "Sunday" as the correct day to worship Jesus Christ, plus many other false assumptions.

As for the asteroid claimed to be from Mars, I have not heard of even on of the so-called intelligent respondents to this "good news," ask what appears to me to be the most basic and logical question: "How does anyone know the asteroid came from Mars?" Another obvious and revealing question would be: "How did anyone determine scientifically it happened four and a half billion years ago?" and "By what scientific method did they measure four and a half billion years?"

Before I could accept this information as being of any value, I would have many more questions to be answered. But like many who accept all kinds of false assumptions as valid, in the teachings of what is Christianity today, many accept the assumption that this proves that life exists on Mars without any question.

The most revealing thing about this purported "good news" is the proponents of this possibility never made a direct statement that the rock actually came from Mars, nor did they claim directly that it proves in any way that life exists now or ever on Mars. They knew that all they had to do is present the possibility and many who claim intelligence would take the bait and spread the "good news." The end result would be that many gullible "intelligent" individuals would give the premise validity without questioning the facts or the basis for such a premise.

Now the American taxpayers can look forward to a new unbelievably expensive expenditure for a new "NASA wild goose hunt" because the U.S. taxpayers are just as gullible as today's so-called Christians. So, what else is new?

Last Modified: August 14, 1996

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