Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

by Arnold Gordon

The vast majority of Christianity has viewed the Bible in its original words and structure to be too strange to be acceptable. This is the basis for so many modifications to the Bible. It is easy to see when one just compares the wording and use of words in the various Bible versions that changes do occur between one version and another. Whether the readers will admit it or not, a careful analysis of the changes will reveal the changes extend to modifications of the meaning of some words as well as the intended meaning of complete passages of scripture.

In an effort to improve the strangeness of the original presentation of the Word of God, these modifications have resulted in changes to the correctness and completeness of the message of God. The end result in many cases is some versions are the Word of God, the way the reviser wished it to be, not the true Word of God, as God meant it to be. Thus the Bible has become fiction instead of truth. Fiction is much more acceptable to most readers.

If the readers of the Bible within Christianity were looking for truth as God meant it to be, they would insist on the most correct translation and avoid those versions which are in fact, interpretations, not translations. To my knowledge, there is not readily available today, a Bible translation that is one hundred percent accurate or complete in its representation of the original text.

This is the reason the writer of this column will not rely on any other version of the Bible except the King James version or the Catholic Douay-Confraternity version. I find these represent a serious attempt to be accurate in word for word translation with the exception of a few minor errors which are expected to be intentional modifications to slant the meaning in those cases. This can be proven by a comparison to the earliest text available.

The leaders and teachers of Christianity have not insisted on accuracy of the intended message of God because the unadulterated truth of God's Word in many cases conflicts with goals and intentions of these leaders, which have their own agenda taking precedence over the truth of God's intended purpose.

This accounts for doctrines and teachings in Christianity which are promoted totally contrary to even the accuracy of the King James version. Furthermore many of these doctrines promoted by the leaders of Christianity have no basis whatsoever in the Bible record, while claiming to be the teachings of Jesus Christ. It is no wonder this writer is suspicious of the goals and intentions of those leaders and teachers of Christianity as we know it today.

You would think sincere people, who would desire to be followers of Jesus Christ, would assure the teachings they are receiving from their leaders were at least based on the Biblical record. They have been brainwashed to accept the teachings they are receiving without question or verification; and have put their complete trust in the validity of their leaders.

This accounts for the leaders of Christianity presenting to their followers fiction instead of truth. Many of the followers of Christianity as we know it today are much more comfortable with fiction instead of truth. The intentions and the will of almighty God notwithstanding.

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