Part two

Okay, now that we have our furry friends bodies up and running with better nutrition, let's look at some problematic areas for our animal friends and how we can help them heal themselves, live long and happy lives, and never wet on the carpet, or out of their box again­­ yeah right. I was just kidding! Sometimes critters is critters and they will be unpredictable. We love them all the same. We want the best for them but we're sometimes just uninformed about what's available. So, here we go.

A review from last week's article, or for those of you who did no see it, our pets health is directly tied to the quality of the food they eat. Poor food and water quality, foods that are highly processed and chemicalized will only add to whatever health problems your pet may experience. Dr. Jean Dodds, DVM, of Santa Monica, Calif. belongs to The American Holistic Veterinary Association and specializes in immunology (the immune system) and Hematology (the blood). She sees animals with a vast array of difficulties which she states are directly tied to their immunity. She states "food containing preservatives, chemicals and pesticides can make animals prone to digestive problems, skin and allergy problems and possibly even cancer." She recommends a premium quality food that is naturally preserved with vitamins C and E, supplementation with raw foods, and good water. She uses the herbs milk thistle for cleansing and detoxifying the liver and echinacea and goldenseal to boost immunity.

The general consensus regarding skin problems among most veterinarians is that it is an allergic response. Dogs and cats are particularly susceptible to environmental toxins such as lawn chemicals. Certainly, most pet owners know about these most obvious contaminants, however, there are many more that are equally as harmful. The number two cause of U.S. household poisonings for pets is from other kinds of household chemicals and cleaners. Here's a list of the some major categories of toxins in the home over and above pesticides that may induce allergy or more serious injury to your pet: laundry products, cleaning products, flea killers, synthetic carpeting, formaldehyde and paint. As with children, store them where the animal will not be tempted to sniff or chew the bag or bottle.

Other tips for an allergic animal with skin problems are:

Feed an essential fatty acid; most animals love flax seed oil and will lick it right up. It can be purchased at the health food store.

Vitamins C, A, and E in correct dosages for your pet's weight.

If your animal is arthritic:

Flax seed oil

Raw foods

The herbs alfalfa and garlic.

Hairballs in cats:

A fiber added to the meal such as psyllium seed and husk. A teaspoon is sufficient and will push hair balls on through.

For worms:

garlic with the food

grated carrot, turnip or beet

digestive enzymes between meals will help the animal literally digest the parasite

For fleas:

Don't ignore the problem, it will only get worse!

Feed the animal nutritional yeast and garlic which repel fleas

Add one teaspoon per day of apple cider vinegar to the food or water

Dust animal with diatomaceous earth­­ only a high grade quality purchased in health food stores, not from the garden or pool accessory store.

The herb penny royal can be used diluted with water and sprayed on the coat. A few drops in a cup of water is plenty. DO NOT use full strength as it will make your animal sick.

To achieve a more flea free yard for your pet you can use Nc Nematode. Nc Nematode is a number of microorganisms that live in the soil, (killed when you fertilize and spray your lawn) microscopic in size. They attack and feed on flea larvae in the turf. There are several places to order Nc Nematode. If you would like more information, one supplier is BioLogic, 418 Briar Lane, Chambersburg, PA 17201 717-263-2789.

To all you animal lovers like myself out there I sure hope this helped!

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Last Modified: August 1, 1996

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