Mystery Illnesses: An In Depth Look At Fibromyalgia

part four

Last week in part three I looked at the anatomy of the cell, the unhealthy "Wet cells" of the person with FM, and how mineral imbalance plays its role in perfect health and in illness. This week in part four of this series I'll further look into nutritional tips for healing.

What we eat and drink, plus anything we inhale or in any way apply to the body, affects the health and functioning of the body's cells as well as our mind and emotions. Over time what we do or do not consume begins to affect the quality of the cells and the formation of new cells which are constantly being formed as old worn-out cells die. If we consume good quality foods and beverages, the body has available to it the building blocks and liquids required to carry out all of its jobs well­­ especially the maintenance and rebuilding of cells.

If we do not eat good quality food and/or cannot digest it, then our body's cells will not receive the appropriate building blocks or fuel required to carry on their daily functions; this will eventually equate to dysfunction and "Dis-ease." It happens more quickly for some than others depending on the variables but it will happen. Years of poor eating habits take a heavy toll and for some this downward spiral results in FM.

Food sensitivities also put additional strain on the body and can exacerbate symptoms of FM. Foods that most often create problems are the commonly over-used foods like dairy, wheat, sugar, chocolate, corn, citrus and eggs. Food sensitivities seem to be the single most important factor for many of my clients suffering from FM. If they are willing to work with an elimination diet even briefly they usually find they do indeed have many food sensitivities and feel better when they are identified and eliminated.

Other helpful tips for improving FM symptoms with diet are:

Eliminate highly processed foods and preservatives.

Increase your intake of raw foods­­ especially raw vegetables.

Eliminate nutrasweet®­­ NOT a good item for the body!

Decrease meat to no more than one serving per day.

Digestive enzymes taken as a supplement can boost absorption of minerals, vitamins, amino acids and other important nutrients.

Useful herbs are echinacea, astragalus, ginseng, licorice, schizandra, and Pau D Arco.

Changes, especially those in the area of diet, are difficult. Change in this area will come slowly; be gentle with yourself and your body. Rash changes will only serve to upset what delicate balance you may already have going.

Next week, in the final of this series I will interview FM support group founder Mary Bortz. She has done an outstanding job; the FM support group she leads has become a resource for those in the community suffering with FM.

Till next time, Rebecca.

This article posted to Zephyr online June 26, 1997
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