Health For Dum-Dums

I decided I would jump on the bandwagon, and why not- there are books computers for dummies®, investing for dummies®, sex for dummies®. It seems there's something appealing to people about these series of books or why else would they be buying them? I've not purchased any of them, but I remember when macrame was all the fad, (aged myself there.) The idea intrigued me. All those intricate knots brought together to make art. Being a surgical nurse all the square knots I tied with suture material never seemed to look that good. One day I came across a book called MACRAME FOR EIGHT AND UP. Maybe a little more polite way of saying, you can do this and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to succeed. It worked.

I always thought it would have been a good idea for everyone in health care, and for us individually if we came with care instruction labels- like clothing. An owners manual per say. The first page would have instructions about giving and receiving hugs daily, sleeping enough, giving and receiving positive reinforcement. There would also be chapters on diet, exercise, growth for the soul, and general maintenance.

Then, when something goes wrong we could refer back to our own personal care instructions and find out where we went wrong. And, we wouldn't be able to blame someone else nearly as often for our lack of good health. The responsibility would be mostly our own.

Here are 20 tips that are high on my list and other holistic practioners that would be a must in an owners manual-

1. Drink plenty of fresh water daily. A purified form. Drink small amounts throughout the day, and do not drink large amounts with meals.

2. Eat only small amounts of meat that is free range. The same goes for eggs.

3. Milk and dairy should be consumed in VERY small amounts, certainly not daily.

4. Do some walking and stretching everyday. Do some aerobic activity three times weekly.

5. Work at making and keeping your friends. Your work will be there waiting when you're done playing.

6. Play at something everyday. Expressing the creative side of ourselves feeds our souls.

7. Never go to sleep angry

8. Never eat when you're angry or upset.

9. You feel what you feel. We all have feelings- happiness, sadness, anger. Don't suppress them. Find a suitable outlet and vent them.

10. Avoid chemicals in your daily living as much as possible.

11. Volunteer your time to something you love.

12. Wear only comfortable clothes that you feel and look good in.

13. Eat organic foods that are as fresh as you can possibly get.

14. Stand up for yourself when you know you are right. You never lose self respect when people see you are willing to stand up for what you believe in.

l5. Make and keep some priorities in your life. What's really of value and has importance.

l6. Set goals and keep them but don't be rigid. If you make a list of ten things to do in a day, be happy if you get the first three done.

l7. Be sure to say I love you to all those you do really love.

l8. Be kind to animals and children.

l9. Never speak harsh words to those you love.

20 Strive to be happy.

Health for dum-dums, it's easy. Till next time, Rebecca.

This article posted to Zephyr online September 6, 1997
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