Gifts of love & health

Still looking for that unique gift for someone you love? Wouldn't it be fun to give a gift that keeps on giving all year, and would help your loved one be healthier and happier?

Here are some gift ideas ranging in price from $10-150 that will please and give better health all year long.

For the reader on your list try:

Don't Sweat The Small Stuff... And It's All Small Stuff by Dr. Richard Carlson. Described as a spare & elegant volume of practical wisdom that will help nurture our core of inner peace. $10.

The Mozart Effect by Don Campbell. The author explains how exposure to sound, music, and other forms of vibration can have a lifelong salutary effect on health, learning & behavior. $24.

Animals As Teachers & Healers by Susan Chernak McElroy. Showcasing the loving energy of animals, these unique & compelling true stories invite us to reconnect with the joy, wisdom, and the healing spirit that flows from our age old relationship with the other creatures of the earth. $12.

For the music lover try:

Music As Medicine The Art & Science of Healing with Sound by Kay Gardner. Composer/teacher Kay Gardner teaches you the science of sound healing, explains how sound is used to "entrain" the human body, unravels the mysteries of music's therapeutic role through the ages, and shares new research into how sound vibrations affect the body­­ 6 cassettes $59.95.

Stor Amhran by Noirin Ni Riain. This live music reordered in the warm, pure acoustic environment of Glenstal Abbey in Limerick, Ireland, is a rare & pleasurable trip into the most ancient world Celtic music­­ steeped in Irish mysticism. CD $15.95.

Rhythms Of Peace by Nawany Kehechog. Listen to this Tibetan monk and master as he plays a bamboo flute and creates mystical textures and spaces that evoke the tranquility and inner freedom that are the essence of peace. CD $15.95

For the adventurous dinosaur loving child on your list try a Tyrannosaurus Rex swing made from recycled auto and truck tires. Hey dads­­ No Assembly Required! $155. Available through the Harmony Catalog 1-800-869-3446.

Like to give calendars as gifts? How about a tree free calendar! That's right, paper made entirely from fast growing bamboo and no trees were sacrificed to make it. Also available through the Harmony Catalog. A portion of the gift also goes to The National Arbor Day Foundation $14.

A gift certificate for therapeutic massage is like getting a mini vacation. It allows a person to escape from everyday stress and tension and has a wonderfully calming and lasting affect. Couldn't we all use some of that, $38/hour.

A charitable gift to your favorite charity, Greenpeace, The Humane Society of Knox County or your church, given in the name of your loved one is truly a gift that keeps giving all year long.

How about a tailored piece of jewelry­­ a bracelet, earrings or necklace containing magnets. Magnets worn on the body have been shown to reduce pain from headache, backache and the aches and pains of arthritis. They vary in price, any where from $50 to $160. Available in womens' magazines, golf journals and self care catalogs of all kinds.

Most of the gifts listed can be ordered from catalogs, or off the internet without facing large crowds of semi unhappy shoppers­­ more time to keep the cat from scaling the Christmas tree for the fifteenth time!

Hey, Happy Holidays, shoppers.

Till next time, Rebecca.

Posted to Zephyr Online December 11, 1998
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