Living life in sync

Do you ever have times in your life when things just seem to flow, when life is light and you just don't seem to miss? You live in a town where there are 70 trains a day (Galesburg) but you never seem to have to wait on a one. The grocery store lot is packed yet you don't have to wait at the check out. You've worked hard, it seems no harder than anyone else, yet you get the promotion or the raise. Yes, life just seems to flow with no effort.

Then there are the times when everything seems to go wrong, wrong and wrong. The car breaks down, you get stuck in the worst and most unlikely traffic jam in 25 years, you left for work this morning, got to the car and realized you forgot something in the house. In your hurry you leave your briefcase on top of the car and drive off. The bank lines are long, you sprain your ankle trying to get started on a much needed exercise program, and you begin to wonder what else can or will go wrong. Murphy is winning this time for sure! In spite of the fact that you too have had times when everything seems to go right, you look at people whose lives seem to be going well and feel they live some sort of charmed life-- you wonder what you are doing wrong. Who is Murphy and how do I get him out of my life?!

Are all these things simply coincidences or is there a greater power at work here? Medical intuitives, a new and growing field of individuals that have sharpened their intuition and are able to read the energy patterns of patients, tell us that these things are not random happenings but our intuition that is speaking to us. Unfortunately, must of us aren't listening.

Richard Bach, author of Jonathan Livingston Seagull and several other books, pilots some very rare WWII planes. He tells a story of how he was flying a rare Navy plane in a remote area of Arizona. He had to make an emergency landing when the engine failed. After safely landing the plane, he walks one mile to the closest spot in the road to find the owner-mechanic has just the part he needs for his plane. This synchronistic happening then became the basis and theme for several of his books.

What are the chances of that happening-- really? If you are attuned to your intuition, experts agree we can create these seemingly chance happenings in our lives with regularity.

With the permission of my client, I would like to share another interesting synchronistic story with you. For a good part of Gary's adult life he had wanted to balance his busy professional life with learning to play the drums. He was trained in piano in his younger years and enjoyed it but always desired to learn drumming. At first he said his wife had objected and said she didn't want to have to listen to all that noise. He convinced her that he could find enough time to play when she was away or working. She even helped him find a used drum set that was in good condition.

Drumming is a very physically taxing pasttime as it requires concentration and the use of all four extremities at once. Gary, from time to time after climbing the stairs at work or using his drums found that he would experience some strange pain in his shoulder and neck but never gave the pain a second thought. His wife, being the savvy coronary care nurse that she is, recognized the symptoms and after a visit to the emergency room and Peoria, Gary found himself in Springfield having coronary artery bypass surgery!

The time of recuperation brought many things to the forefront for Gary as it does for everyone. He was thankful for many things-- his life and the possibility of improved health, but found himself angry that he might not ever be able to learn drumming due to the taxing nature of the instrument.

I'm happy to tell you that Gary uses his drums regularly and feels great. The connection? Gary's father had dropped over dead from a massive coronary. Gary was headed in the same direction. His drumming aggravated his coronary symptoms enough that his disease was discovered before it was too late! Following his heart's desire, drumming, lead him to his health. For Gary he now has the best of both worlds, the ability to live life healthily and fully and drum.

Synchronisities abound in all our lives. All one need do is listen, follow your heart and don't be afraid to risk. You are being guided.

Till next time, Rebecca.

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