It's doggie jog time

Knox County get ready to open your hearts and your purse. It's doggie jog time come Saturday, August 26th. This makes number eight. My congratulations to the Knox County Humane Society, Erin Buckmaster and Kathy White for their continued efforts to bring awareness programs and money to the homeless pets of Knox County.

This year's theme is ''It's Paws-itively fun.'' And indeed it is, so if you and your family are looking for an interesting fun time, Saturday next plan on doggie jog. This year there will be some special contests including talent, owner look-a-like, singing, howling and biggest/smallest-dog that is! This years events will once again be held at the Hawthorne Centre starting at 8:30am. If you want to jog with your dog pre-registration is $10 -- $12 the day of the race which includes a T-shirt.

Indeed, our loving companions are fun; they're funny too --downright characters caught in the act of being themselves. If you haven't watched ''The Planet's Funniest Animals'' it's pretty good. Some of the takes are rigged, but for the most part it's just funny!

I know some of my animals have done some pretty funny things. I was standing in the kitchen at my sister's home the other day when she turned some music on, smiled and said ''watch this.'' A few seconds later ripping around the corner comes one of her cats. He put the brakes on as he turned the corner to the family room where the entertainment center is located, then rather deliberately approached the case, stood up on his back feet and one by one began to clear the CDs off the shelf. Seems he has either a particular taste or aversion to some of her music.

I had a wonderful Cocker Spaniel that used to wait until we had company, sneak in the bathroom and very carefully grasp the end of the toilet paper in his mouth and bring it to me! Half way across the house, here would come this jet black dog with yards of toilet paper trailing behind. He was so successful and would do it time and again. He snuck food the same way. Taking buns from people's plates; nothing was sacred. I had to hand it to him though. He was always so polite about it. Only taking one piece at a time then heading back for seconds!

I had a friend once whose dog would attack -- and I do mean attack -- rubber tires. Alias Bubbles the bull dog. She wasn't particular, set a wheel in motion and Bubbles would spring into action -- lawn mowers, bicycles, cars; she particularly liked skateboard wheels and would literally knock the rider off in her attack! She was never viscous, just determined.

Who knows what goes through their heads. It's not what we think nor anything like the narrations on television, but it's still pretty entertaining. Of course, an animal needs a home and security to become an entertainer. Funny how that works; seems you give a wayward child a chance and many of them shape up too.

Remember you contributions go for all of Knox County's homeless animals -- not just dogs. The money is used primarily for spay and neuter programs. Last year hundreds of animals lost their lives because no one wanted them -- cast away like last year's fashion. Now you can't always stop that but at least a neutered animal left on the street will not add to the population of homeless animals. They're counting on your help.

Thank you, till next time, Rebecca.

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