Human Energy Fields; Real Or Just Imagined?

Does the human body have an energy field -- one we can't see? Or do you think that what you see is what you get? When we see someone leaning over a loved one praying, a laying on of hands per se, with open palms, are they touching that person's energy, or are they just soothing themselves thinking they are making a difference? Maybe some of both? Let's take a look at one form of energy medicine known as Therapeutic Touch or TT.

TT, an American form of ''laying on of hands,'' has been celebrated by different names in many different cultures over many thousands of years. It has its roots in Indian and Chinese mysticism and is still widely used in those parts of the world.

Dolores Krieger RN, founder of The American Holistic Nurses Association, gave TT its beginning here in this country two decades ago. Dolores, not so well known or accepted then, is now a well-known author and lecturer on the subject of healing -- and I might add fascinating to listen to.

What exactly is TT? A certified TT practitioner is trained to sense the energy surrounding the human body. The practitioner will ''scan'' the body with their hands and, with practice, can sense areas of heat or cold surrounding the body. Intense heat or cold indicates problem areas where the energy is congested or missing. The practitioner will then use certain techniques to re-energize cold areas or decongest hot spots bringing balance and hopefully a return to good health.

Individuals experiencing TT state they notice less pain and discomfort, feel relaxed and energized. Others claim they feel nothing.

More and more nurses join the ranks of The American Holisitic Nurses Associaton and become TT certified every year. With all that's available in the world of high-tech nursing why do they choose to use TT? Ask any nurse and they will usually give different versions of the same answer. It goes something like this, my patient, surrounded by machines, a tube in every orifice and unconscious, needed something more. The human element seemed missing.

Death is a natural phenomenon of the life cycle, but nothing, as long as that individual draws breath replaces the need for touch -- one human reaching for another. If an individual lay unconscious, yet alive, we know that there is a kind of energy there supporting that life, so why would we not use touch?

Why does the idea of touching someone's energy field feel so foreign to us? Touching or lying closely to someone we love evokes deep positive feelings and emotions that we may not be able to measure, other than that it makes us feel good. Certainly this does not feel foreign.

We walk into a room, flip a switch, and an invisible field of energy we call electricity lights the room. We've all experienced the invisible energy of magnets, radio waves and various kinds of sonic waves, so why do we think we are so powerless? Is it because we can't see it or measure it in the laboratory and therefore it doesn't exist? We are powerful beings, full of light and energy. It's just up to us to use it constructively. TT practitioners, I salute you! Keep up the good work.

Till next time, Rebecca

Uploaded to The Zephyr Online February 21, 2001

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