The smart diet supplements

Looking at last year's swim suit, yet not feeling brave enough to try it on full well knowing what the scale says? Don't fit into your shorts, or those nice summer dresses you've been waiting to wear? Okay, I hear you, but now's not the time to start beating up on yourself. Start now and there's still time to slim down reasonably with sensible eating and the help of some of the new smarter weight loss supplements.

New studies show some of the old time favorites combined in new ways, plus supplements not used before for weight control are giving new promise in the very old battle of the bulge. Supplements, new or old, will not replace sensible eating habits, but these supplements can be used as tools to reduce cravings, speed the metabolic processes and help reduce total body fat. These supplements do not contain ephedra, ma huang, caffeine or other stimulants that can be useful, but unfortunately are too many times overused and abused.

THE DIET PATCH Don't want to take anything orally? How about a transdermal patch? Transdermal patches are used as effective medication delivery systems for everything from hormones to high blood pressure medicine.

The diet patch I like contains three herbals plus the mineral Chromium Picolinate. Garcinia Cambogia investigated by a major pharmaceutical house (Hoffman-LaRoche) and found to contain HCA (hydroxycitric acid) an enzyme inhibitor which blocks cellular storage of fat and fatty acids reducing total body fat. Guarana Extract obtained from the fruit of an Amazon plant has been found to help reduce food cravings and helps you eat less food. And Bladderwrack, a common seed weed which is shown to help regulate metabolism via the thyroid by speeding up the burning of excess calories. Chromium is used for two reasons: in such short supply in our diet, low dietary chromium has been shown to increase our need for sugars and fats, secondly it can impair insulin performance affecting energy production, fat burning and cholesterol maintenance.

Studies show that everyone lost weight on this combination herbal mineral patch. Weight loss is slow, but progressive, which is what you want, and it can be used for the maintenance of your weight without any serious side effects. Cost about $1.34 a day.

THE FAT BURNERS Just as described, these supplements help speed the fat burning process. The most beneficial one, safe and has been around a long time, is the amino acid L-Carnitine. Taken by athletes and those wanting to build cardiovascular health and endurance found they had a leaner body, with more muscle mass and better energy. Now there's a real combination for someone wanting to loose weight! L-Carnitine works on the cellular level to burn fat inside the cell. Recommended dose is 500mg daily.

Another really good fat burner, conjugated linoleic acid or CLA. This naturally-occurring fatty acid has been shown in animal and human studies to actually reduce body fat mass. Another plus, study participants maintained their muscle mass.

Chitosan, another fat burner, is very popular but doesn't seem to be as effective. Derived from shell fish, this fiber attracts fat and water as well. Don't try this one without lots of water! It can have a nasty back bite for those sensitive iodine or shell fish allergies.

CARBOHYDRATE INHIBITORS If you have a time controlling your love of carbohydrates, this one may be for you. This supplement Phaseolus Vulgaris, extracted from white kidney beans, actually prevents carbohydrate absorption. A good one will be combined with chromium to help reduce your carbohydrate cravings.

Extremes in dieting such as high protein diets, soup diets etc. may work initially but prove to backfire most of the time. If you're sincere in your desire to lose weight but find that your cravings or your total body fat mass is severely in the way, these smart supplements will help. They are safe, can be combined -- hopefully not too many at a time! Definitely good news for anyone sincere in their desire to lose weight.

Till next time, Rebecca

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