Doggie Jog 2001: running for a humane solution

Animals play important roles in our lives and our health and it is up to us to protect them from harm. Without us, they don't stand a chance. Ask any devoted pet owner and they'll tell you they feel they got more from their pets then they could have ever given them.

Our pets are truly angels in disguise. And their so sneaky about it. Ever hear an elderly person talk about their beloved pet? They say things like Fluffy gives me a reason to get up in the morning. My dog keeps me walking. My cat is my best friend and listens to all my tales of woe. Trusting friends indeed, friends that rely totally on our generosity to support and take care of them. This to me is a perfect example of God working through his/her creatures to take care of us. What more could one ask for .

Pets, especially dogs have taken on a whole new role in today's modern medicine. For years dogs have had special roles as eyes for the blind, now they also serve as ears; barking when the phone rings for the deaf. They guide disabled individuals in wheel chairs, they visit nursing homes to cheer the elderly. They have roles as rescuers in disaster areas where before someone may have been left for dead. How can we repay them?

The plight of the homeless animal is as prevalent here in Knox County as it is in other parts of this country. Before the days of The Humane Society, and the tireless efforts of their volunteer staff the animal shelter here in Knox County was a disgrace. The facility was inadequate, animals were not treated kindly and their deaths were cruel. The good news, we're gaining on it thanks to the tireless efforts of all the devoted volunteers involved in The Knox County Humane Society.

Doggie Jog is one of the main fund raisers raising almost $11,000 last year. Most of the money is devoted to low cost spay/neuter programs. Moneys raised through Doggie Jog also helped purchase their current building.

Doggie Jog is a fun-filled event for the entire family. The crowd is a happy group focused on just being out there having a good time with their pets. Doggie Jog will be held again this year at the Hawthorne Center on September 15th at 9 am, admission cost $12.

Please, come on out and enjoy the fun; open your heart and your wallet to help the homeless animals here in Knox County. Support Doggie Jog 2001, and be a part of the solution!

Till next time, Rebecca.

Uploaded to The Zephyr Online September 12, 2001

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