Fasting Safely For Health


Feeling a little flat as we head into the fall season? Your body is shifting gears, preparing for the season of cold to come. One of the easiest and safest ways to ease into this transition is to reduce solid food intake with a juice fast. Before you stop reading understand fasting is not starvation. Fasting is an effective and safe method of detoxifying the body and has been used for centuries to heal the sick and rest the body.

You can help your body unload unwanted toxins during this low phase by not eating heavy foods and using short periods of fasting. Studies show a person can extend their life by several years through the use of intermittent regular fasting. You heal faster, give your organs a rest, clean your liver and kidneys, purify your blood, cleanse the colon, lose unnecessary weight, clear the eyes and tongue and lose excess water weight. Here’s why.

We do not think of digestion as work, yet 80% of the energy produced by the food we eat in a day’s time will go towards digestion of that food. If we are ill or eat poor quality foods that figure may go even higher- a hefty expenditure of energy. If our body is not taxed by constant digestion that energy can be used for healing.

Most individuals can utilize a one to three day vegetable juice fast with excellent results. A well-designed cleansing fast is a natural noninvasive therapy. Your fresh juice fast should include lots of carrot, celery and a large variety of greens- cabbage, parsley, spinach and leafy greens.

Depending upon your general health the first day of a fast you may experience some mild fatigue, nausea, headache or weakness. Feed your body some fresh fruit such as watermelon if you feel weakened or famished but do not ignore any extreme symptoms of fatigue or weakness.

Never fast strictly on water. Toxins are shed off too quickly and precious minerals are lost. Diabetics and hypoglycemics should not fast without using a quality protein supplement and permission from their physician. Spirulina is an excellent choice.

Two days before starting a fast do a detox diet of no meat, organic steamed vegetables, fruits and pure water. Do the same when you come off the fast. Always be gentle with your body.

Longer fasts should not be undertaken without the help of a professional experienced in fasting. If you take medication on a daily basis or are suffering from a chronic degenerative disorder you should not fast more than 12-24 hours without consulting a professional. Till next time, Rebecca.