Do you know what you are buying when you buy meat labeled free range? I thought I did until the other day when an ad/article supporting the use of free range chicken caught my eye. There it was at the bottom of the page in the finest of print, the sorry definition of free range as supported by the FDA. The bird must be allowed outside in the air for five minutes a day. My mind ran wild and I had to pull myself away from the thought. Fooled again- some earth conscious consumer I am. At least now I know, and so do you.

Its one thing to consume meat from an animal that has had its life, it’s entirely another to eat an animal that is raised without humane treatment. The list of issues surrounding factory raised meat consumption may be more costly to your health and the health of the planet than you may think. Take a look.

True free range meat does cost more, it also supports two acres of ground per animal that is not chemicalized or turned for crop production and the farm family that cares for and nurtures the animal. To reduce that cost try eating meat two-three times a week rather than two-three times a day. A diet less rich in heavy meats is good for the colon and all the organs of digestion, has been shown to help lower blood pressure, weight and cholesterol levels.

Meat tends to be the focus of meals for most American families. The cook then decides what vegetables will fill in around the meat. Try shopping first in the fresh produce section, choose vegetables that are lively and colorful and work to make your vegetables the focus filling in with smaller amounts of meat. Free range meat that is! Till next time, Rebecca,