A Natural Approach To High Cholesterol

New studies released this year are suggesting even lower numbers for healthy cholesterol levels. Many Americans will turn to the statin drugs to lower their cholesterol levels but these drugs are not without serious side effects including liver damage. If your cholesterol is high you should not ignore it, it can make you old before your time. But before resorting to such powerful drugs why not considered some natural alternatives that can and do work very effectively.

Before discussing some natural alternatives, let’s talk about this stuff called cholesterol. By medical definition cholesterol is a crystalline substance consisting of fats. It is found naturally in the brain, nerves, liver, blood, and bile. Cholesterol is necessary for the proper function of the body and is produced mainly in the liver and used by the cells to build membranes, certain hormones and aids in digestion. Cholesterol travels from the liver via the bloodstream where it is delivered to the cells. The cells take what they need, and the excess remains in the bloodstream where if in excess will form a plaque like substance that sticks to the artery walls and causes heart disease or stroke.

Researchers have discovered there are two types of cholesterol: low-density lipoproteins or LDL (the bad guys) and high-density lipoproteins or HDL (the good guys.) In fact HDL actually works to remove excess cholesterol from the blood and tissues.

Traditional as well as holistic medicine agree, and the findings are conclusive that dietary changes are still the best way to control cholesterol levels. Here are some tips you may want to keep in mind if you are wanting to lower your cholesterol count.

If these measures are not successful niacin or vitamin B3 has demonstrated better overall results in lowering cholesterol than the cholesterol lowering drugs. Niacin therapy used to lower cholesterol is not without side effects and you should be used cautiously.

If your cholesterol count is edging over the top these days, don’t wait until the doctor orders you on drugs that may risk your health. Try a gradual diet change letting go of fast foods, high fat foods and dairy. Work gradually into a diet of fresh foods, raw or lightly steamed vegetables, good oils and plenty of quality water. A gradual change will help you maintain weight and cholesterol levels without rebounding. Till next time, Rebecca.