Gifts of love and health


Thanksgiving is over and the gift buying rush is on. Stumped? Befuddled? Here are some gift ideas that will please the health conscious consumer on your list ranging in price from $10-$170 that will please and give better health all year long.

For the reader on your list try…

Healing With the Herbs of Life This wonderfully readable book will help the reader learn and utilize the gentle, healing properties of herbs safely and effectively- practical yet inspiring. $24.95

Healthy Teas A wealth of information on all kinds of teas from unfermented green, black or herbal. Contains 80 delicious recipes for creating unique tea blends. $16.95.

Bravehearts Described as a treasure trove of true inspirational stories, photos, poems and more. A very uplifting read. $9.95.

Music and CDs:

The Legend of the Canyon People A collection of Native American music at its very best – 68 minutes. $15.95.

The Art of Self Healing A new release for deep relaxation. Guided meditations to soothe the body, mind and spirit. $15.95.

Rhythms of Peace by Nawany Kehechog. Listen to this Tibetan monk and master as he plays a bamboo flute and creates mystical textures and spaces that evoke the tranquility and inner freedom that are the essence of peace. CD $15.95

Spa by Hennie Bekker. Sensual, calming, soulful and melodic. Music to caress the body and soul with waves of soothing sound that provides a feeling of comfort and revitalization. $15.95.

Other gifts of healing and health:

Give the healing power of light with a natural spectrum light box. The next best thing to sunshine. Relieves feelings of sadness and depression for those with light deficiency symptoms. Compact, lightweight and easy to carry. $169.

Like to give calendars as gifts? How about a tree free calendar! That’s right, paper made entirely from fast growing bamboo and no trees were sacrificed to make it. Available through the Harmony Catalog. A portion of the gift also goes to The National Arbor Day Foundation $14.

A gift certificate for therapeutic massage is like getting a mini vacation. It allows a person to escape from everyday stress and tension and has a wonderfully calming and lasting affect. Couldn’t we all use some of that? $45 for an hour session.

A charitable gift to given in your loved ones’ name will usually bring them a magazine or calendar – Sierra and Audubon are favorites. Locally try the Knox County Humane Society or your church, the United Way, the Rescue Mission – all need help this time of year.

How about a tailored piece of jewelry – a bracelet, ear rings or necklace containing magnets. Magnets worn on the body have been shown to reduce pain from headache, backache and the aches and pains of arthritis. They vary in price, anywhere from $50 to $160. Ads abound in women’s’ magazines, golf journals and self care catalogs.

Most of the gifts listed can be ordered from catalogs, or off the Internet without facing large crowds of semi-unhappy shoppers – more time to keep the cat from scaling the Christmas tree for the 15th time! Hey Happy Holidays shoppers.

Till next time, Rebecca.