Eating for balance


Most people are unaware of the relationship between the foods they eat and the direct impact on their ability to accomplish the day’s goals. Is there a connection between how you feel and what you put in my mouth twenty minutes ago? Absolutely. Think about it. We understand when we’re tired caffeine will jolt us awake, we’ve all seen kids on sugar highs, or how crabby some can be when hungry, so why is it we don’t think other foods could effect our moods as well?

All illness stems from imbalance, and those first signs are easy to overlook, in fact we want to overlook them- anything but be sick. We become fatigued, we’re beset with a nervous stomach, vague headache, shakiness, it can be just about anything. To comfort those feelings we may indulge in sweets, drink a strong cup of coffee or just snack in an effort to regain balance. We do our level best to talk ourselves out of it. The truth of it is, if we don’t take time to be well, we’ll have to take time to be sick. The choice is yours.

Through those small unpleasant symptoms your body is trying to tell you something unfortunately, we’re usually not to listening. When we are listening balance is easily achieved and maintained. But, if we continue to eat and live in the fast lane, always pushing our limits, ignoring health needs, the body will lose its self-regulating capacity and you will find yourself sick, fatigued, and stressed more and more of the time.

The body seeks balance naturally through several mechanisms, which should be allowed rather than suppressed through the constant use of food or drug therapy. The body will begin to discharge excesses in ways that we find annoying such as hay fever, oily skin, body odor, recurring colds and flu or emotional outbursts. Other common symptoms such as constipation, hypertension, or chronic pain may indicate when accumulations have not yet found an outlet and can lead to more serious health problems. Why not work to remove the cause rather than seeking temporary relief from your symptoms?

The process of helping your body back to its state of normal balance can be confusing. If unsure where to start try journaling. Focus on these questions: when did I first begin to suffer these symptoms? What were the first signs? Don’t expect the results to be immediate, it will take time for your body remember. Trust that the answers will appear. Then ask how can I restore balance? When ready your body’s inherent wisdom will guide you with small steps. You will know when you are on the right track when new energies and direction emerge and old unhealthy habits simply fall away.

Changing one’s diet to include the use of foods that bring balance may not be easy. Yet moving slowly towards a healthier more balanced style of eating and living will have great rewards over the decades of your life. Take time to be well.

Till next time, Rebecca