All of us have had flashes when we’ve said things to ourselves like I knew that was going to happen. Or awakened at three am with a funny feeling about a loved one only to later find they were awake too, maybe even ill or injured. Or we see something in our path during the day that spawns thoughts of de’ja’ vu. They seem unexplainable and to our rational mind, they are. Where did this come from and why can’t I tap into this regularly?


Experts agree that we all have intuitive abilities, it’s just that some of us are more in tune with that ability. Like many my intuitive side is a mixed bag. I’ve had times that I just knew, others when I was completely out of touch, and times when my intuitive feelings were so strong but completely over ridden by my analytical thought process.


Intuition is what makes many of us good at what we do.  We have a hunch or a feeling about moving our business in a certain direction, or a flash the clarity comes that helps us make those much needed life style changes. One of my favorite authors Paulo Coelho, sums it up with this poetic thought, “when you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.” That is intuition. Years of experience and training are important, but the difference between one who moves with their intuition, listening to the messages is like the stock broker that has a knack for making millions on seemingly worthless stocks as compared to one who is unwilling to take that calculated risk.


Intuitive feelings come to us in a variety of ways. Mona Lisa Schulz, psychiatrist, neuroscientist and medical intuitive says that we receive intuitive messages from deep within our body and psyche through what she calls holes in our souls. Numerous things including physical or mental illness such as depression, disturbances in sleep cycles, menstrual cycles and shock cause these holes in our souls. Or we can be completely healthy and still have messages coming through depending on the situation. Intuitive messages also can and do many times come through dreams. Times when the so-called vale between this world and the one beyond becomes very thin. So despite the suppression that goes on in the analytical mind we all have this other sense and messages leak through.


How can we be more in touch with our intuition? Pay attention to your body. The reception of intuitive messages is closely linked to body sensations that will vary person to person. It can be just about anything but most individuals find they will get a twist in their gut at the level of the Solar Plexus. Others have messages that come through, a word or number that keeps reoccurring or some other symbolism.

You can improve your intuitive power through regular practice of meditation, regular outdoor exercise, and continued verification of your experiences through the use of a journal.


Intuitive messages help clear our path to right direction bringing feelings of confidence and certainty about life. Some prefer to say they are our angels speaking to us. Whatever you wish to call your intuitive message works if it works for you stay with it and stay intuitive. Till next time, Rebecca.