Water, this clear odorless liquid is the single most important chemical compound on earth, and the most abundant. Electrically neutral it is essential to all life. The human body is comprised of 70% water. Yet this very common compound that we take for granted remains a mystery to many that study chemistry. Similar compounds of similar molecular weight and structure are gases at room temperature. It has the greatest solvent action of any liquid and the only liquid that shows expansion instead of contraction upon cooling- poof it’s magic!


Water has a long history in healing. From ancient and prehistoric times spiritual leaders and healers used water in their sacred rituals. The Egyptians as a means of healing the spirit used aromatic and healing baths. Modern man has long used natural hot springs and spas for healing. In the forties and fifties alternating hot and cold baths were used in mental institutions to calm patients. In spite of this being somewhat cruel and is no longer used, it did have sedative effects without the use of drugs. Water purifies feeds and sustains all life, as we know it.


Most Americans use a shower for cleansing the body rather than a bath. It’s convenient and quick. Yet nothing relieves the body like a bath. Sitting in a tub of water which is electrically neutral has great solvent abilities and relieves the body of stress, aches, pains and toxins.


To create your very own healing bath choose a time when the house is quiet, add aromatherapy oils, herbs or salts to your bath. To further enhance the experience try adding candles and soft music.


Got a cold or flu?  Add one pound of baking soda and 1/2 pound of sea salt to a warm bath and soak for twenty minutes. This detoxifying mixture energizes and shakes loose toxins. A ginger bath is also excellent for the aches and pains of flu or colds, or the discomfort of arthritis. Add 2 tablespoons to 1/2 pound of powdered ginger. Make sure that you do not chill following these baths. 


Feeling blocked mentally of emotionally? Try 10 drops of lavender and lemon oil. Lavender is relaxing and relieves mental anxiety while the lemon promotes mental clarity.


Feeling drained from work responsibilities? Try a warm bath with one cup of apple cider vinegar that will detoxify and energize.


 Detoxify in a bath of 1/2 pound mineral rich seaweed. Add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil.  The minerals in the seaweed will leave you energized and invigorated.


Dry skin? Try a bath with olive, almond, sesame or avocado oil. These inexpensive oils will deeply nourish the skin.


No time for a tub bath? How about a foot bath with any of the above. Relax and enjoy you deserve it. Till next time, Rebecca.