Have you ever ended a wonderfully relaxing weekend with night of restless sleep, tense with the thoughts of Monday morningŐs work? Are you finding youŐre short with the kids, no energy to be romantic with your husband or wife, even the faithful family dog is denied a pat on the head? We may try to rationalize our situation but after a while that doesnŐt help either. When one finally comes to the realization that itŐs not your circumstances itŐs in the choices we are making will bring the insight necessary to begin to correct your balance point.


If we continue to refuse to deal with our circumstances and keep pushing eventually our body will push back usually with an illness.  One of the more popular philosophies about illness is that we create them to save ourselves maybe we do, but if that is the case then why do people with seemingly balanced happy lives get sick and die? Certainly an arguable point yet illness is the only acceptable way to withdraw from society. What do you think would happen if you got up tomorrow and said you werenŐt going to work, or youŐre going to drop out and travel for a while? Everyone from your family and friends to your investment banker would be asking- are you nuts?


Frankly I find it a rather unhealthy idea to believe we are some how responsible for the creation of our illness simply because we tend to blame ourselves enough when we become ill. Blame is counter productive to healing. Instead we need a forgiving attitude towards ourselves and our illness. Keeping an attitude or forgiveness forces blame out because blame and forgiveness cannot occupy the same space in your mind at the same time.


We are all genetically predisposed with certain tendencies or weak links. We may add to or diminish those tendencies  through personal health habits. Are you in balance? Asking yourself these few simple questions can help you determine how balanced you are.


1. What is the general state of your energy, regardless of your age? Are you fatigued from a day of work, kick the dog, scream at the kids, find yourself asleep in the chair at six?

2. Does vacation no longer rejuvenate you finding that you do not wanting to return to take on the day, the world?

3. Does your body shout at you with aches and pains? Do you over use medications trying to find relief?

4. Are you forgetful about even important things?

5. Are you over sleeping or insomnic?

6. Are you using alcohol to numb the noise in your brain or the pain in your body?


If you answered yes to even one of these questions you may be leaning towards a less than balanced life. Making change is never easy. I guarantee the sooner you start making those changes the easier it will be. DonŐt waitÉ start now. Till next time, Rebecca