Where is the summer going? We’ve whipped right past Fathers Day and the 4th of July and headed straight for the last dog days of summer. And what a hot summer it has been out there, still most outdoor enthusiasts have not let the heat stop their fun in the sun. Monday, such a bummer after a weekend of fun that left you with sore joints, achy muscles, frizzy hair and sun burned skin.


When Monday comes too soon and the body is shouting try some of these simple remedies to jump start you back to reality.


For achy sore muscles and joints- first things first, be sure to stretch pre and post sporting or exercise event. Be sure to warm up and cool down period. Drink plenty of water before, during and after your exercise. Adding a potassium/magnesium supplement pre event will give your muscles the minerals they need to help prevent soreness.


Try the simple homeopathic flower remedy known as Rescue Remedy. Good for physical or emotional trauma drop four drops under the tongue pre exercise and drop four drops into your bottle of water.


If you enjoy a bath add Epsom salts, vinegar, baking soda or powdered ginger to the water. One cup of any of these will help the body shed lactic acid and help the muscles relax.


Arnica gel also made from the petals of flowers can be rubbed directly onto sore joints and muscles following exercise and will relieve soreness and prevent stiffness. Arnica will lessen the trauma of sports injuries such as strains, sprains and bruising. If you have severally strained or sprained a joint use ice as soon as possible and check with your doctor if having difficulty bearing weight because of pain or excessive swelling.


For sunburn use Rescue Remedy and soak in a tub of cool water with one cup of vinegar. You can also apply vinegar compresses directly to the sunburned skin. Aloe vera gel is also good to relieve the pain of sunburn. Be sure to keep the skin well moisturized to prevent dryness and itching.


To prevent frizzy hair from chlorinated pools wet the hair thoroughly before entering the pool then comb a very small amount of your favorite conditioner through the hair. Keep the hair tied up as tightly as possible.


For exhaustion due to heat or workouts use a potassium/magnesium supplement along with ginseng. If really taxed it may take your body 24-48 hours to regroup. Use simple foods over the next couple of days along with plenty of water. Don’t take supplements and keep pushing the envelope.


Other summer times supports would include daily doses of vitamin C, E and zinc. Citrus bioflavanoids added to vitamin C supplements speed recovery time by half. Use a balanced mineral supplement liberally and extra B vitamins, especially vitamin B 12.


Alfalfa and dandelion help strengthen tendons and ligaments and help prevent injury. Echinacea, Golden seal and Cats claw help keep the immune system strong and adaptable during times of increased physical stress.


Remember balance- Enjoy the sun and the fun. Play hard but play safe. If you over due be gentle with yourself, rest a little then go at it again. Till next time, Rebecca