Supplements for graceful aging




The process of aging much like change in the natural world is subtle but relentless, seasons and times giving way gently one to another. Summer gives way to autumn, youth gives way to the middle years and mysterious as it may seem suddenly we find ourselves asking where’s the kid? Wasn’t I just 14?

Each age requires a different approach to maintain optimal health.  In our younger years a strong reserve may be all that was needed to heal. In later years hopefully common sense plus the pain of trial and error has taught us not to take chances with our health.

The price of the maintenance agreement has gone up I will jokingly, but only half jokingly tell my clients that complain about the process of aging. The good news, we live in a country where good food, clean air and dietary supplementation is readily available. As individuals we can maximize the quality of our later years with supplements. Here are four key supplements for healthy aging—

Digestive enzymes— the body at any age has difficulty digesting large amounts of cooked and processed foods that are devoid of enzymes. Over time (especially after the age of 40) these foods tax the delicate enzyme production of the pancreas. Poorly digested foods delivered into the small and large intestines can cause a myriad of digestive problems from gastric ulcers, GERD, irritable bowel, diverticuli and colitis. Digestive enzymes coupled with hydrochloric acid to reduce and digest proteins protect the delicate membranes of the stomach and stoke the digestive fires allowing the body to burn and assimilate foods properly. Weak digestion will over time weaken the entire system leading to diseases and medication use.

Glucosamine sulfate— this key supplement has become the darling of the arthritis world. Sometimes coupled with chondrotin or MSM it has the ability to reduce joint destruction and pain with regular use. Large studies have shown that it can actually help repair minor joint damage, strengthen and prevent injury. Sturdy, strong pain free joints keep us active in turn reducing difficulties with overweight that lead to coronary artery disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and strokes.

 Mineral supplementation— much is written about vitamins, very little about minerals. The body will go for days, sometimes weeks short of vitamins where a mineral deficiency can in some cases lead to heart problems and death if not immediately corrected. A high quality balanced calcium magnesium supplement will help prevent bone loss important to healthy aging, produce more natural restful sleep and increase energy levels. Other minerals can be obtained from a good quality multivitamin.

Multivitamins are necessary for everyone at every age given the diet we eat and should not be overlooked as key in good healthy aging. The family of B vitamins helps bolster energy levels and is necessary for healthy brain function and nerve impulse.

There are many other herbs, supplements and vitamins that can add quality to your years. With the help of a trained professional individual supplementation can be added to optimize your program of good health and graceful aging.

Till next time, Rebecca