One diet does not fit all.


January may be over but if your New YearÕs resolution to diet is because it hasnÕt worked take heart. Just because your friend is looking and feeling great following a certain diet doesnÕt mean that the same thing is going to happen to you. In fact trying to follow the one size fits all fad diets out there is exactly why as a nation we have become overweight, fatigued and plagued by degenerative diseases. In fact I would venture to say the average American at this point is so confused about food they donÕt know what to eat or where to start and just give up.

What then are some basic ground rules to healthy eating and dieting? That is up for grabs depending on who you ask. I personally have my favorite authors that all agree on some basic concepts: biochemical individuality, moderation, some balance in use of all the food groups (protein, carbohydrates and, yes, fats) and listening to your body.


Before you decide what diet may work for you start with these simple rules.

1. Clean air and water are they bodyÕs first two foods. Make them as pure as you can. Drink at least 64 ounces daily.

2. Give up the junk totally. Feeding the body junk is like putting ethanol in a jet engine. Not only will it not run you wonÕt feel well.

3. DonÕt starve yourself or skip meals. You only convince your body (your metabolism) to slow down and conserve calories instead of burning them.

4. Eat from all the food groups but be aware of portion size.

5. Eat your largest meal at breakfast or lunch. DonÕt skip supper but downsize the portions — especially fats.

6. Snacking is okay but not late at night.

7. Set reasonable goals. One to two pounds lost weekly is a great start. Steady, moderate weight loss over time will bring more permanent results.

8. Keep in mind your body shape versus body image. In other words, if your MotherÕs family of Swedish descent are large-boned, stocky individuals youÕre never going to be a Twiggy.

9. If you have been diligently but unsuccessfully struggling with a diet for six weeks that makes you feel half sick, for heaven sakes give it up. DonÕt give up on your weight loss goals; just go back to the drawing board. A diet that is right for you and your life style will relieve fatigue, boost energy and keep you on track because you just feel so good. If this is your third or more attempt at dieting without results, consider employing some professional help.

10. There are dozens of good weight loss supplements out there. ThatÕs all they are. They can help you lose weight but nothing is a magic bullet.


Regardless of your body type, your beliefs and feelings about foods these rules will work with any diet you choose.

Till next time, Rebecca