part one: regaining balance


WeÕve all have times in our lives when life just seems to flow, our body feels good, we sleep well, we take on healthy challenges at work and home, the stress of a busy demanding life is there but weÕre not overwhelmed by it. Of course there are still the minor symptoms of aches and pains, tension, indigestion, colds and flu but we quickly bounce back. This is balance. And we all have times when the everyday challenges of life bring us to points of imbalance, it is up to us to listen to our bodies and make the appropriate course corrections. Unfortunately most of just keep pushing and ignore the ever-growing list of complaints. Years may go by before we are forced to confront the fact that we have done a poor job of taking care of ourselves and for many, only because we have come face to face with the dire circumstances of chronic illness such diabetes, cancer, heart disease and obesity.


ItÕs never too late to start back on the path of health and healing. Consider the following as simple guidelines that may help you regain your balance.


1. Accept your situation for what it is- Recognize that symptoms donÕt just happen to us we create them by the choices we have made.


2. Start by making and keeping goals- written goals will help you crystallize thoughts and feelings and formulate a plan of action. Be sure to write short, medium and long range goals. Set goals that are attainable, especially the short-term goals. Nothing will add up to failure more quickly than unrealistic goals that you cannot achieve. Long range goals can be as lofty as you like, you can always scale them down.


3. Alternative healing modalities- Use as many as you are comfortable using. Think of them as tools.  A carpenter can do a lot with a hammer, but why just a hammer? Why not a whole tool box full?  Some modalities are more expendable than others. A good sound diet of whole foods and pure water is not an alternative healing mode, it is an absolute. No fad diets please, they are doomed to failure.


4. Getting stuck along the way may be part of the process. ItÕs always easy to start with something new, keeping the course is tough. DonÕt give up; every journey will need course corrections including the journey back towards health.


5. Hire Professionals, its money well spent. WeÕve all gone into clothing stores and politely said no thank you to the clerk when asked if need help then walked away without what we wanted or needed. Well, maybe we do need help. Professional trainers, coaches, nutritionists and cooks are just that- professional, and happy to help you. It only makes them look good when you succeed.


6. Enlist the support of friends and family. Letting loved ones know that you are making some changes and would like their help can keep you moving in the right direction. Those that truly love you will see your uniqueness and will empathize and affirm your efforts.


Next week in part two of taking control of your health IÕll be talking about foods, supplements and tips that will speed you along your journey back to health. Till next time, Rebecca



Part two: Using the tools of healing


Last week in part one we looked at steps to regain a more healthy balanced life. This week in part two I will discuss the tools of healing that anyone can use regardless of age, lifestyle and traditional medical programs.


After you have written your goals and you have an objective in mind you will need to decide where you would like to start. You may have a lot of ideas without a clear picture. DonÕt let this confuse you, just jump in and let them build on one another.


Body work is always a good place to start regardless of age or infirmity. Therapeutic massage as a healing modality has been scientifically proven to increase immunity, T cell count, red blood cell count, relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, relieve depression by increasing endorphins, improve sleep and sheds toxins from the body.  Other helpful kinds of body work include acupuncture and chiropractic.


Although many individuals think of good healthy, clean organic food as an alternative healing method it is not. It is an absolute for healing. Giving your body a steady diet of highly processed, chemicalized foods is like putting diesel fuel in a jet engine. Poor eating habits followed by vitamins and supplements is a lousy insurance policy.


Pure water is another absolute. Every chemical reaction that goes on in your body happens in water. If the water is polluted the chemical reaction that should have happened is altered. You wouldnÕt start with a bucket of dirty water to white wash walls would you? Give up pop, juices that are mostly sugar water and caffeinated drinks. Use herb teas that match your health needs.


Take only high quality vitamin and mineral supplements. Every professional has their favorites, mine (all come from the health food store) at a bare minimum are a multi-vitamin mineral, digestive enzymes, glucosamine sulfate for anyone over the age of 35, flax seed of fish oil. A supplement program should be individualized to suit your needs and may include herbs or teas.


Tai Chi and Yoga are ancient healing practices that can take the place of other less effective exercise programs. They strengthen and tonify muscles as well as organ systems and any one regardless of age can benefit from these simple postures.


Read and inform yourself on your illness and natural healing methods. Stay away from books that promise healing in just a few days or fad diets, they are doomed to failure. A word of caution: If you have a serious medical condition, do not give up on the traditional medical model. If you feel you do not have a good working relationship with your doctor you can always get another opinion.


Any healing journey will have its ups and downs, expect the unexpected and trust in natureÕs cycles. Just keep moving forward, trusting that these cycles will move you ever closer to the balance and health you want and so richly deserve. Till next time, Rebecca