ÔDangerously UninsuredŐ


The latest statistics released this past month by the census bureau indicate there are now more than 45.8 million Americans that are uninsured and several more million Americans that are under insured. Most of these Americans are not the poor, the indigent or unemployed, they are the millions of self employed that simply cannot afford the thousands of dollars it would cost to insure themselves or their small number of employees.


Experts agree this is a national embarrassment that needs to end. We are the only developed country in the world that does not have a fair and balanced working health care system for all of its citizens.


For now, it is what it is. If you are uninsured there are action support groups that are working for change and you should be involved. In the meantime consider these alternatives that may help:


1.   Take a pro-active approach to your health. Get real- itŐs time to kick those bad habits start eating right and exercising. NO more excuses!

2.   DonŐt skip that annual physical because itŐs not paid for by insurance. Ignoring your health may only make your financial situation worse in the long run.

3.   Do you qualify for free local, county or state wide screenings? Your health department can help.

4.   Drugs from Canada are easy to obtain legally and are up to half the price. ItŐs a bogus argument that these drugs are not safe or are not made here in America. Many of the drugs we use come from France and Great Britain anyway. Take a look at GetCanadianDrugs.com or RxNorth.com.

5.   For a small price you can add $50,000 medical coverage for you and passengers to your car insurance. Statistics show that younger Americans are more likely to spend a short stay in the hospital due to accidents while driving their car. If you are seriously injured $50,000 isnŐt going to cover it, but still itŐs $50 GŐs.

6.   Utilize health fair cholesterol, eye, blood pressure and other screenings. You may then find yourself on medication, but you saved the price of the test.

7.   Enlist your physicianŐs help. Review ordered tests and procedures- is there a lesser alternative?

8.   Use dietary supplements, minerals and vitamins to keep injuries, colds and flu at bay. Expensive? Not really when compared to the cost of prescription drugs or a doctorŐs visit due to injury or illness.

9.   If you find yourself diagnosed with a serious illness join local or national support groups. Not only will you find help with recovery but these groups many times have access to serious funds given generously for those who cannot afford treatment.

10.                 Consider some alternative therapies that will compliment your current health status. Therapeutic massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and wellness profiles will boost immunity, ease pain, lessen dysfunction and reduce total health care dollars spent.


No doubt the health care dilemma in this country will not be solved any time soon. In the meantime, donŐt sit on the side lines wondering when someone is going to come along and take care of you. A pro-active approach will leave more money in your pocket and a better quality of health. Till next time, Rebecca