Instead of  ÔOne nation under GodÓ we have become a nation of bickering democrats and republicans where blaming and finger pointing have become the norm. WeÕre like a dysfunctional family where the real issues facing our nation are never resolved.  ItÕs certainly not very conducive to emotional, psychological or physical health. The 12-step group, Alcoholics Anonymous has a name for it- its called circular thinking.


Yes, thereÕs the war, which is horrible, and despite the stock market reaching new highs there were a reported 180 home foreclosures in Knox County last month, up from 44 the month before.  One canÕt help but wonder if the average working family here in Knox County canÕt face another season of high heat bills and simply turned the keys over to the bank. The stress of all this has got to feel unbearable at times. They need a massage, but canÕt afford it.


 God help you if you become really ill in this country and are uninsured. There are currently over 40 million Americans that are uninsured. These people arenÕt slackers, they just canÕt find $250-$500 or more per family member a month for health insurance. Or, there are those of us self employed (which I might add was a cornerstone for greatness in this country) where insurance is so high or the deductible is so high that neither work. Yes, I am grateful that I have a major medical policy that would pay after say $10,000 of my own money is spent. But what then? I will probably be dropped or I just wonÕt be able to afford it. And what of husbands and wives that divorce so that the one left behind will have something to live on.


Then thereÕs Medicare part D. D is for dumb in this equation. Most seniors canÕt understand it. Several kind pharmacists have offered classes to help seniors try and figure out how they can make it work for them. Bottom line if you are seriously ill and need expensive medications one still has to pay out around $3,600 a year with Medicare part D. Only the rich can afford that on retirement income. I have had friends and clients that I have helped find ways around the cost of their medication and the Medicare part D dilemma and I can tell you first hand it isnÕt easy.  Some have gone back to buying from Canadian pharmacies, which is cheaper.


There are huge holes in the fabric of our democracy and the broken health care system is no small piece of that hole. We are the only first world country that does not offer some form of universal care for its citizens. We need a better system.


I hope that this coming Tuesday, if not before you will get out and VOTE! We desperately need change, besides itÕs the healthy thing to do. Till next time, Rebecca