Our office has been besieged this past week with clients complaining of sore backs, aching shoulders, painful knees and in general all over stiff joints. Nothing like eleven inches of snow to shovel and cold to make oneÕs muscles and joints painful. Even the youngest and strongest of individuals will suffer from that kind of workout.


Oh, but donÕt despair you can side step a lot of those aches and pains with the use of the following supplements.


The major player in cold weather aches and pains comes from poor microcirculation in the muscles and the bodyÕs inability to carry off accumulations of lactic acid, a by product of exercise. Counter act lactic acid build up with the use of a calcium magnesium potassium supplement- best taken before you begin your cold weather outdoor activities. Another great and inexpensive mineral fix is Certo, the jam and jelly thickener. I tend never to use the word fix when it comes to ailments, but in this case if there is one itÕs Certo. Made mostly from apple pectin-apple skins, Certo is high in magnesium and malic acid. Use a teaspoon in a glass of grape juice one to three times daily to offset lactic acid build up and the aches and pains that come with it.


Glucosamine Chondrotin used regularly is a must. Not only does this supplement help protect your joints as you age by making stronger joints, it helps prevent you from injury while out trying to find your balance in the snow and ice. Because this supplement is so nourishing to the joints it acts almost like aspirin and Motrin, relieving inflammation and soreness. 


Digestive enzymes work as natural anti-inflammatories and help relieve and prevent damage to the joints year round but especially during times when your body and joints are over worked and over stressed. If you prefer to use foods try fresh pineapple or papaya naturally high in bromelian.


Magnet therapy can provide great relief for intensely sore spots. I prefer small magnets worn or taped directly on to the area of pain. It usually takes 12-24 hours for the pain to be relieved. If the pain has moved into another area of the joint, simply re-tape the magnet on to that area.


Although itÕs cold and you may not feel thirsty donÕt forget to drink plenty of water. During that kind of heavy exercise like shoveling your muscles need extra water to carry off toxins. 


After 30 minutes of intense work in the cold you should give your muscles a break. Drink water and allow your joints to rest. This will help prevent soreness and possible joint damage.


Last but not least emergency rooms are filled with men and women over fifty that thought they could shovel their way out and instead had a heart attack or severely injured their backs or necks. Nothing especially not a trip to the store or dayÕs lost work is worth risking your health. LetÕs let common sense prevail, the winter season is still very young. Till next time, Rebecca