What will the holiday season hold for you and yours this year; a gathering of family and friends perhaps, or a trip to some place warm? However you choose to spend this yearsÕ holiday donÕt forget to place yours truly on your list or neglect your most valuable asset- your good health.


We sometimes keep a frenetic pace searching for gifts, then tend to leave ourselves out- extending ourselves beyond healthly physical and mental restraints. Giving of our time and energies is the heart of the Christmas spirit, so take the time to give something back, to yourself.


Think about this, are not the fondest memories of holidays past those where you felt good about yourself and everyone seemed to notice? Your personal message of love was visible in your smile and relaxed state of mind. Creating the holiday atmosphere you are looking for comes easily when you are in tune with your mind and body. 


Here are some simple things that will help you keep your sanity as the holiday rush approaches-


Keep some of your gift giving simple. The media and retail establishments keep us focused on giving the most expensive gifts-those we can and canÕt afford. Overspending and credit card debit becomes a stress that wears on into the next year. Simple hand made gifts or gifts of time are the greatest gifts you can give. It is a little late to be thinking of making gifts, but a gift certificate in the form of your time for anything from cleaning the house to some spring yard clean up would be more appreciated by an elderly parent or grandparent than anything you could possibly buy.


Wrap up a gift to yourself. If you need permission to slow down write yourself out a gift certificate for one hour to spend leisurely as you desire. Or spend a little time and a little money and get a facial, buy that favorite book youÕve been wanting, or go to lunch.


Plan some simple meals before and after the feast to allow your digestion to rest. A simple soup made with some leftover turkey stock and a few vegetables or some rice would be a welcome break from heavier foods. Or try a meal of brown rice with leftover vegetables. Foods are stressors too. Many of us end up with colds or flu after the holiday season chalking it up to cold weather and no sleep, yet excessive eating is part of the picture too.


Want to spare your mental health? Take care of your physical health. Keep your mental attitude light and try to keep a sense of humor, remember that laughter is infectious. Smile a lot it costs nothing and is beyond price, besides they will wonder what you are up to. Never underestimate the power of a kind word or deed; it will come back to you tenfold. Remember to be thankful for your health. Even if itÕs not perfect, itÕs a gift that can usually be improved upon. Happy Holidays! Till next time, Rebecca