With such a late start to winter this year and the severity of the season I think just about everyone is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the warmer milder days of spring. One might say we have spring fever. But spring fever is more than just an emotional state of longing. Spring heralds major physiological changes in the body that instead of leaving one feeling exuberant and light we can be left feeling tired and out of gas. Such an enigma, finally the weather is right and we’re not.


So what exactly is spring fever and what causes it? The symptoms can be as wide and varied as there are individuals. Farmers were known to suffer attacks of bleeding ulcers, those who suffer from psoriasis find their symptoms much worse, allergies flair, spring colds and flu turn into bronchitis and pneumonia, bouts of depression and suicide increase. So yes, spring fever can be more than just a lighthearted thought or song lyric.


Twice a year, pre-spring and pre-fall your body shifts gears in preparation for a change in seasons. Heavier foods needed to keep the body warm through the cold of winter will no longer be needed. More water and fluids will be required to keep the body cool as the weather warms. Fresh food, outdoor exercise and more activity in general will call for nourishing foods yet ones that will not weigh the body down. As the body works to make these major metabolic shifts you may feel tired, flat or you may find a symptom/illness you thought you were past reappearing again and again each season.


To help your body make this shift with greater ease and more health consider these suggestions:


Get out of your eating rut. Try letting go of your morning coffee, orange juice and a bagel. Instead drink some herbal tea, fenugreek, ginger with lemon or green tea. Have a bowl of oatmeal with nuts, raisins and soy or rice milk. Rotate your foods, especially fresh vegetables. Instead of iceberg lettuce and tomatoes try fresh spinach or baby greens with sliced cucumber, baby carrots and celery. Just mix it up- what ever you like but get out of that same food eating rut.


Consider one day of fasting: Drink herbals teas, purified water with lemon or some fresh vegetable juices. If the hunger becomes overpowering eat all the apple you would like.


Try getting the eight hours of sleep you need and so richly deserve. Remember your body is shifting gears and will need more rest.


Drink extra water. Nothing will help your body make its metabolic shift faster than giving it plenty of fresh water.


Try mixing up your exercise program. Instead of pounding it out at the gym why not go for some relaxing walks until your body feels more energized.


Spring is a joyous time, a time of change. These few simple shifts can help you enjoy it to the fullest. Till next time, Rebecca