A new law passed this year, S.3546 called the Dietary Supplement and Nonprescription Drug Consumer Protection Act is once again going to threaten your right to take over-the-counter supplements. This once settled issue when the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act was enacted in 1994 is facing new opposition by the FDA and the CSPI (the pharmaceutical industry.)


This time they have enlisted the help of the media, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. You can’t watch the national news or for that matter any other major network program without listening to ads for prescription drugs that fix your bones, cure erectile dysfunction or your migraine headache. These commercials designed to appeal to the touchy feely side of life as a healthy, strong and happy individual through the use of drug therapy ends with a long list of serious side effects caused by the drug. People are so desperate sometimes they’ll believe almost anything including a commercial for a drug that may make them worse or at least no better- a sad statement indeed.


One can always find stories related to hospitalization and even death caused by the unwise use of herbal therapy, and opponents will go to great lengths to dig that rare occasional story up, recycling it again and again, each time with a new sensational twist. Bottom line, all the laws in the land cannot sometimes protect and individual from themselves.


Personally I don’t like to sling mud, ‘those who sling mud will end up wearing it’ so I will try and stick strictly to the facts- drug facts that may surprise you.

1.  In any given year for the past decade there are more hospitalizations and deaths related to the correct use of drug therapy and its side effects than any other cause including heart disease and cancer.

2.   There are more wrongful death lawsuits and class action suits filed against drug manufactures in this country than for any other reason.

3.   Drug companies have done more to empty the coffers of insurance companies and employers who provide America with affordable insurance coverage than hospitals or physician care.

4.  There is no money to be made in simple herbs and supplements that keep you healthy.

5.  Wonder why you don’t see any stories about recalled drugs like Vioxx and PhenPhen? They bury them under mountains of money and political lobbying because they have so devastated the lives of the people who used them.

6.  If you are on several prescription medications, ask your physician or pharmacist what the interactions of those drugs might be. An honest physician or pharmacist will tell you they don’t know.


Write your US congressman and senator regarding S.3546 and ask that they support the free use of herbs and supplements without the interference of the FDA and the pharmaceutical manufacturing associations. And don’t believe everything you see and hear. While they’ve got you scared and looking the other way they are picking your pocket. Till next time, Rebecca