What exactly is a cold anyway? Certainly something we’d all like to do without. How does one know if you really have a cold, or something else? Rhinitis, which is the medical term for a cold seems to fit- rhin referring to the nose, and itis, which refers to inflammation.


According to Anne Marie Colbin, author of ‘FOOD AND HEALING,’ the common cold is one of the most misunderstood adjustment/discharges known. We view it as a threat, rather than a friend come to warn us about, and at the same time set aright, the misalignments, stresses, and dietary errors in our lives. Nature above all is persistent, if we don’t respond to a tap on the shoulder, we’ll eventually get a kick in the seat of the pants.


Bernie Siegel MD, nationally known speaker and writer on holistic health claims that those of us who suffer the usual colds, flu, etc., and treat our body with kindness and respect- an occasional sick day, moms chicken soup will live longer with fewer serious illnesses such as cancer, arthritis and other chronic degenerative diseases.


Unfortunately instead of being kind to our sick body, most of us behave miserably towards ourselves when we are sick, yet some sickness is the human condition and unavoidable. The next time you feel like cursing your body due to cold symptoms, try killing it with kindness. It’s actually been shown to boost immunity.


This time of year cold symptoms are exacerbated by allergy symptoms. Pollen counts of different types are at record highs this year. You can offset allergic symptoms by using foods that are less stressful. Avoid dairy, highly processed foods and sugar. Use smaller amounts of meat, highly salted foods and fatty foods. Increase your intake of vegetables, especially the green leafy kinds, also carrots, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage. If you normally deal with a lot of allergy symptoms, do something to correct them and you will suffer fewer and milder colds.


For serious cold prevention carry zinc lozenges, not tablets with you at all times. When you’re exposed, or when you first get that nagging tickle or sneeze, out comes the zinc. Zinc stops replication of viruses that cause colds, this is why it must be a lozenge. If the virus cannot replicate it cannot make you sick.


If your cold is full blown try some colloidal silver. Silver, a forerunner to antibiotics has antibiotic/antiviral properties without all the nasty side effects. It’s very effective against cold viruses and boosts immunity. Reach for the vitamin C and whatever herbs you like including hot ginger tea, Echinacea, goldenseal or cayenne.


We can learn to lessen the impact of colds, but the human race will never be free of these pesky little viruses. Be kind when you have a cold and don’t’ spread the joy- you fellow humans will thank you. Till next time, Rebecca