Yes, this is the season to be jolly, but in reality, many of us just want the season to be over. What happened to the thrill we felt as children during holiday time, all of the joy and excitement? We visualize (with a childŐs mind- our first mistake) Christmas past, families gathered in front of the warm inviting fire, the aroma of baking cookies, brightly colored packages, hanging stockings and singing Christmas carols, all the things that gave us that wonderful feeling of love and inner peace. ItŐs all well and fine as adults to have a childŐs vision of Christmas. But as adults we have the added responsibilities of everyday life, making it hard to have and hold a child like playful mind and attitude during the holiday season. This in turn leads to an outer and inner imbalance- what we would like, verses the reality of things leading to feelings of stress.

What are the symptoms of stress? Simply put, it is when we are off balance. Doctors and psychologists call it dis-equilibrium. When all our biological systems are in balance and we are functioning well, eating healthy foods, and sleeping a good eight hours a night, we experience little stress. We know instinctively when we are well.

Some stress in life is good, but when we allow stress to go unchecked over time, (not over night, so donŐt blame the holiday season entirely) is when we begin to notice those uncomfortable feelings setting in. Pay attention to your body it will let you know, then itŐs then up to you to make some changes.

Too much stress over time can result in more serious health problems, more than just loosing a nightŐs sleep. Men, women and even children can and do develop stress-related disorders that carry symptoms including heart disease, high blood pressure, stomach and other digestive distress, headaches, anxiety and depression.


When you feel stressed-

Talk with the people around you about how you want this holiday season to feel, and express any concerns you have. Let family and friends share in the joy of the holidays by sharing in the planning and preparation, too. DonŐt let stress ruin you ability to embrace the beauty and joy of the season. Till next time, Rebecca.