2007 has been another interesting year when it comes to medicine and healing. Wonderful new discoveries involving gene therapy, strides in cancer treatment and stem cell research may prove to treat, drastically reduce or eliminate certain diseases, and certainly 2008 will continue to see things grow and unfold.


How wonderful it is to live in a country where the sky is NO limit, probing further and further into our universe and itÕs mysteries yet we still canÕt seem to find the resources to provide some health insurance coverage for itÕs citizens. We are and have been the only developed country in the world for decades that has not had some program in place to provide affordable health insurance for itÕs citizens.


Although myself an advocate for some change in how Americans are cared for and insured, I purposely did some research into those with an apposing view. HereÕs what I found-there are those that feel the now 47 million Americans that are uninsured are just choosing to spend their money in other ways, unwilling to invest in health insurance for themselves and family, or that because insurers can cancel you at anytime or make your policy unaffordable why bother.  There was also one argument that seemed to fold in on itself talking about health insurance companies dictating to the doctor regarding tests, treatments and therapies, which is true, yet went on to say that if you are paying for services yourself you would be getting quality care at a more reasonable price.  The average American would have to mortgage their house to have major surgery these days and would not get a break for cash paid. Nothing could be further from the truth since those uninsured pay much higher prices for health care and hospitalization without an insurance agency making big money deals with preferred providers for cuts and breaks.  And then thereÕs always the argument made by the wealthy that they do not want any more entitlement programs in place.


I donÕt think weÕre talking about entitlement here, I hope weÕre not. I think most Americans are willing to pay for their health care. No one wants to see his or her child or loved one suffer not having the same chance for treatment that another might, the only difference being insurance.


If health insurance were made mandatory for everyone, as some presidential hopefuls have suggested, I believe it could work. If you do the math those paying into a large group could not only support the needs of those needing treatment, but if properly invested could continue to earn and grow. Caterpillar, the multinational company is only one example of a self insured company that cares well for all under itÕs umbrella yet continues to grow those funds.


This coming election year will give the American people a chance at some much needed change, hopefully that will include an administration that will finally address the need for equal health insurance coverage for all. Till next time, Rebecca.