Of all the priorities you have in your life, what could be more important than promoting the quality of your life? Statistics show that we are living much longer than just a few decades ago- no one wants to live an infirmed life devoid of quality. Here are five proven steps that will help you accomplish this.


Improve Your Attitude Toward Life

Sometimes life has a way of throwing us one curve ball after another. The attitude you bring to your troubles will not only help you resolve them but keeps your body from producing unwanted high levels of stress hormones that are a known factor in the aging process. A habitually cheerful outlook can actually boost your immune system and reduce the probability of contracting various chronic degenerative diseases.


Quality Longevity Through Quality Nutrition

Cutting calorie input is probably one of the most important factors in improving health and longevity. Obesity is a leading cause of high blood pressure, heart disease, increased incidence of cancer and diabetes- all killers. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, quality whole grains, minimal amounts of meat along with a pure clean source of water will add life to your years and years to your life.


Reduce Unnecessary Everyday Stress

Most of us are aware of what pushes our buttons. When you detect yourself becoming stressed, step back and examine the situation.

Some of them we can do something about, others we can’t. Can’t lock the kids out of the house, but you can work on an accepting attitude that will help you deal. Just being aware of your stressors is a major step in reducing or eliminating them.


Develop the Habit of Daily Exercise

Physical inactivity causes muscle loss- including loss of heart muscle, poor oxygenation of the tissues and brain, lack of energy and vitality and a weakened immunity. All of these factors lead to a shorter life with less quality. You don’t have to be a body builder, regular walking and some sort or aerobic exercise with resistance training 3 times weekly will keep all of your muscles toned and conditioned, reduce weight and bring quality to your years.


It’s Time To Give Up Those Nasty Habits

Eliminating smoking is one of the single most important factors in reducing the risk of serious life altering disease. The average smoker lives a life 5-10 years shorter than a non smoker and will spend 18% more time sick and spend 25% more money in end of life medical care.


More than moderate alcohol consumption contributes to some 3% of all deaths. Over use of alcohol has been directly linked to colon cancer, liver disease, stomach ulcers, depression and social isolation.


Reckless and fast driving a habit many us formed in our youth needs to be replaced with defensive safe driving techniques. Reaction time and sensory input slows as we age leaving us with less time to react and more vulnerable to serious injury due to automobile accidents.


In planning out your older years remember that what you do in this decade will add up in the next, be they good or bad habits. These simple habits can bring you more joy, quality and peace in your aging years. Till next time, Rebecca