The majority of Americans never bother to look into the field of alternative/holistic medicine until they themselves or a family member becomes ill- ill without answers. You’ve been to the doctor, they have some of the answers but the truth of it you still feel terrible.


Unfortunately, by this time the body’s delicate balance has been thrown into a serious tailspin and it’s going to take time to recover. The amount of time it takes is usually in direct relationship to the amount of time you’ve been ignoring your health, the damage that has been done and most importantly, your willingness to accept your calamity and choose to move beyond it.


Having once seriously screwed up my own health, with the help of a blood sucking tick, I can speak first hand to the anger and frustration that goes with loosing one’s health and not finding answers. The patience of illness was not something that came easy for me. I wanted someone to fix it and right now.


When I was finally diagnosed with something that could actually be treated by traditional medicine I had already had my head in every alternative health book I could find, and nothing was working. Of course not, certain bacterial diseases are fixed only with hard-core drugs. Finally I thought to myself, I can give up all this other stuff and just do the antibiotics-WRONG. I was so far out of balance the drugs I took were just the beginning. The hard work of putting together a comprehensive complimentary program for myself that would not interfere with my traditional treatment was a hodge podge of trial and error. What I know now from my personal experiences I try to share with my clients and now you.


Here’s the top ten that helped me find health and vitality following a serious illness.


1.  If you are not working with a physician that is open to the idea of time tested alternatives you should consider finding one who will

2.  Well meaning friends and family can and will give lip service to what they think you should do. It’s fine to listen to your cousin Sally Jo about your health but you need to be the one in charge. If you are too ill to do so, enlist a trust friend or family member to help.

3.  Don’t be afraid to explore the world of alternatives but work only with trained professionals. If they start flinging the word cure around if a few weeks when you’ve been ill for months – run the other direction.

4.  A simple diet of pure water and live organic foods are a must

5.  Massage and other kinds of bodywork are a must. Massage opens pathways between the body and the mind that have long since shut down due to pain. Open the mind and the body will follow

6.  Supplements, especially minerals and a good multivitamin- a must as well. A trained professional can help you determine what else would compliment your healing

7.  Knowledge is power. Find out everything you can about your situation and talk with others that have experienced the same thing.

8.  If you attend support groups take the positive and leave the negative behind. Bolster up those that haven’t come as far as you have. Help others and you help yourself.

9.  When well enough and with doctor’s permission build your health and endurance with walking and simple exercise

10.                NEVER give up.


I was inspired to write this after watching the recent PBS series on our countries 32nd president Franklin D Roosevelt struggle with unimaginable trials due to his poor health following his attack from the poliovirus. A giant of a figure that put this country back to work and saved the world from annihilation despite his trials of poor health. Till next time, Rebecca