The foot is an incredibly intricate piece of anatomy. It bears our weight and gives us grounding to the earth.  Summer comes along and we all just love to take our shoes off. Since being barefoot in the public is not acceptable, weÕve turned to sandals and flip flops. Proper care and support of the foot seems to have been relegated to the closet along with our shoes. Flip flops and flat sandals are okay for a few hours but with no support for the foot, you may find yourself dealing with painful heels, crowded toes and blisters and things like bunions and hammertoes later in life.


Studies show that 76% of all Americans experienced some kind of foot problems over the last year and our footwear is a major contributor. Nothing will make an individual more tired than achy feet that havenÕt been properly supported and cared for.


Most of us are not going to give up fashion completely to wear comfortable shoes, although we are getting more sensible about it. This summer as you step out to play, work and just have fun, consider the following to help your feet march through these summer days pain and injury free.


Here are some foot facts.

1.The foot is generously equipped with 26 bones, 36 muscles, 33 joints, and a   half a mile each of blood vessels and nerves.

2.In a typical day of walking, the foot takes about 8,000 steps.

3. Over a lifetime, the foot walks four times around the world and withstands force equal to several hundred tons.


If you stand for a living can you cushion the area you stand on? Take breaks when you can, sit and stretch, especially the legs, lower back and feet. Keep your posture as erect as you can at all times.


If you stand, walk or in anyway make your living by being on your feet choose exercise programs that get you off your feet such as swimming, bicycling- floor exercises are okay if they donÕt have you pounding your feet and joints.


DonÕt wait for warts, corns and calluses to become painful before they get your attention. If you canÕt seem to find some natural method of relief think about seeing a foot doctor.


Many shoes that feel uncomfortable can be made to feel much more comfortable with the use of flexible supports for your arch. Dr SchollÕs make a good one- IÕve found them at WalgreenÕs.


At the end of a long day try a footbath of baking soda, vinegar and Epson salts. Soak l0-l5 minutes in hot or warm water whatever feels best. Dry the feet briskly with a towel then massage with lotion or oil. Knead the feet giving the sore spots more attention. Your feet and your body will repay you for your kind attention.


Get a foot is massage. It not only rejuvenates that feet but also brings relief throughout your entire body. Till next time, Rebecca.