While there are many types of massage and a growing number of Americans use massage at least at some point in there life, there are still many who do not consider massage when it comes to maintaining health and fitness. They see massage as a pampering a luxury they can ill afford, but I’m here to tell you that after fifteen years in the business, most of my clients are the average work a day folks using massage regularly to help them with issues of pain, arthritis, rehabilitation from injury and to ease the process of aging.


So, if you fall in the later category, here are some reasons to reconsider therapeutic massage


1.  Massage relieves pain. Studies show massage relieves pain better than any other known therapy including drug therapy.

2.  It eases tension. Whether you stand at work all day, over did it spring cleaning or playing your favorite sport, getting massage will relax those worn tired muscles giving tendons, muscles and ligaments a much needed stretch and release.

3.  It reduces muscle and joint inflammation. Massage literally squeezes built up toxins out of the muscles pushing them back into the lymphatic system where the organs of detoxification can finish the work

4.  Massage improves circulation bringing life giving oxygen and nutrients to the cells. One could almost say it’s like a breath of fresh air.

5.  It reduces stress. Not only does massage work with the body it frees the mind. A good massage will produce a deep state of mental relaxation allowing for profound healing to occur.

6.  Massage provides a welcome respite. Can’t afford a vacation this year but need some relief? A full body massage has been described by many as a mini vacation, allowing the mind and body some much needed relief from the humdrum of daily life.

7.  It enhances your mood. One of the best-documented benefits of massage is it helps release feel good hormones known as endorphins into your system creating a sense of well being.

8.  It’s a great way to pamper yourself. Considering the cost of a cut and color, a manicure and pedicure massage is a bargain, and oh so good for you.

9.  It makes a great gift. Regardless of the occasion, massage is a very personal gift that is well received by young and old.

10.                Massage is rejuvenating. At various points in our lives, we can feel run-down, overwhelmed or just bored. Getting a massage helps the mind and body work together in a focused effort. By stimulating the brain and the body, massage rids you of distractions bringing you in tune with your feelings. Regenerated, your reserves are restored and once again you’re ready for life’s challenges.

11.                Massage addresses all your minor aches and pains. We tend to ignore smaller aches and pains until they are unmanageable. Why not treat them before they before a bigger problem?

12.                Massage boosts immunity. Studies show massage increases the body’s T cells. T cells are white blood cells that direct the army and are a necessary part of healthy immunity. It increases red cell count, allows for natural sleep and relieves pain, stress and anxiety, all of which are known to boost our immune response.


So, get out of the daily grind, if only for an hour. Have a massage. Till next time, Rebecca