Despite the idealic early fall weather we’ve been enjoying, cooler wetter weather is just around the corner. And, with that cooler weather comes the cold and flu season.


What exactly is a cold anyway? The symptoms are pretty much the same as allergies so how does one know if you’ve really got a cold, or something else? Most everyone will agree they don’t really care about the particulars; they just want all the symptoms to go away. 


According to Anne Marie Colbin, author of “FOOD AND HEALING,” the common cold is one of the most misunderstood adjustment/discharges known. We view it as a threat, rather than a friend come to warn us about, and at the same time set aright, the misalignments, stresses, and dietary errors in our lives. Nature above all is persistent, if we don’t respond to a tap on the shoulder, we’ll eventually get a kick in the seat of the pants.


Bernie Siegel MD, nationally known speaker and writer in holistic health claims that those of us who suffer the usual colds, flu, etc., and then treat and respect our body with kindness, you know an occasional sick day, moms chicken soup, end up living longer with fewer serious illnesses such as cancer, arthritis and other chronic degenerative diseases.


Unfortunately, the opposite is usually true. Many of us behave miserably towards ourselves when we are sick, yet some sickness is the human condition and unavoidable.


This time of year cold symptoms are exacerbated by allergy symptoms. Pollen counts of different types are at record highs this year. So if you’re dealing with a lot of allergy symptoms, do something about correcting those, and you will suffer fewer and milder colds.


To help off set the allergic load being taken into the body use foods that are less stressful. Try avoiding dairy, highly processed foods including sugar. Use smaller amounts of meat, highly salted foods and fatty foods. Increase your intake of vegetables, especially the green leafy kinds, also carrots, brussel sprouts, broccoli and cabbage.


For serious cold prevention carry zinc lozenges, not tablets with you at all times. When you’re exposed, or when you first get that nagging tickle or sneeze, out comes the zinc. Zinc stops replication of viruses that cause colds, this is why it must be a lozenge. If the virus cannot replicate it cannot make you sick.


Next try some liquid silver. I prefer the Water Oz brand. Silver, a forerunner to antibiotics behaves like an antibiotic antiviral without all the nasty side effects. It’s very effective against cold viruses and will boost immunity. Of course, reach for the vitamin C and whatever herbs you like including hot ginger tea, echinachea, goldenseal or cayenne, and Moms chicken soup. Interesting too, my medical dictionary under definition and treatment of rhinitis actually calls for rest- bed rest, imagine that!?


Imagine a world without sniveling, drizzling, sneezing, coughing, red eye, all those nasty tissues dripped around the bed- I don’t know it could be tough. Remember, think zinc, think zinc! Till next time, Rebecca