Cancer is a diagnosis we all think we understand. When someone tells you they have cancer it strikes a certain cord of fear in our own psyche. We fully understand that this person may not have long to live, that they no longer have control of their health and, “by the grace of God, there go I.”


Cancer is actually a multi-systemic disease of chronic degeneration that is poorly understood. Yes, we may have had a malignant tumor that appeared in the colon, breast or prostate that the doctor was able to successfully excise away and provide a cure, but are all the cancer cells gone?


Research tells us that even healthy individuals have cancer cells present everyday. In normal healthy immunity the body can weed out the cancer cells and keep them from producing a tumor that then grows wildly out of control. So where does cancer actually start?


Of course our genetic makeup plays a major role. We are all predisposed with weak links. These weak links, at least for now are not a factor we can control. Those predisposed to certain kinds of cancer should pay close attention to their health and work closely with their MD to help monitor any early signs of disease.


It is widely accepted by traditional as well as holistic medicine that two of what are believed to be major causes of cancer are environmental factors and diet, which results in a loss of immune defense. This leaves the door wide open for various opportunistic diseases that further weaken the entire system. When the system is seriously weakened without repair and regeneration a tumor is more likely to form.


What else can the average individual do to help prevent or fight an active disease process?


1.  Remove from your personal environment as much as you possibly can all unnatural chemicals- from the water you drink to what you wash your clothes in. These chemicals whether we digest them or inhale them alter our bodies and can damage or turn on genetic coding, stress the organs of detoxification and in general weaken the entire system.

2.  Clean up your diet. Remove all dead devitalized processed foods. It you eat meat, eat only free-range meat. Use herbs for cooking and reduce your salt and sugar intake.

3.  Supplement your diet with vitamins A, C, E and B-complex. Use a good quality mineral supplement, digestive enzymes and a probiotic. Supplementation can be confusing so do some study on your own or get in touch with a professional that can guide you in the use of herbs and vitamins.

4.  Introspection in regards to your spiritual life and unresolved emotions is vital. Deep seeded anger and other negative emotions causes great stress and retards healing.


Cancer is no longer a hopeless nor helpless disease. If you are facing this disease, or for that matter any disease, take charge of your life and your health. There’s much that you can do on your own that can positively affect the eventual outcome. Till next time, Rebecca.