ŌHow Daily Habits Cause Pain And Stress For Our BodiesÕ

Almost daily I have clients come to my office and say they have muscle pain but the donÕt feel they did anything to cause it. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the fact is that you probably did. Chronic muscle pain is not always from injury. In fact it is more often than not a progressive overuse issue that develops over time. ItÕs not really something that reached out and grabbed you, it just seems that way.

Here are some of the big daily no-no's that we all do.

1. Grocery Bag Warrior- There was a time in my life when it was literally against my religion to grocery shop more than once a week, which included hauling them from the car to the house in one haul. What a strain on wrists and shoulders. Fast-forward a couple of days- still trying to figure out why your arms and shoulders hurt?

2. The Lop Sided Driver- ever tried sitting in a chair for 30 minutes with a 1-inch book under one butt cheek? This is the equivalent of having self-induced scoliosis (an S shaped curve of the back.) One side of the waist collapses into the pelvic structure and causes the lower ribs to jut out slightly on the opposite side. The neck moves off in the opposite direction as well trying keep the head and body aligned. A wallet in the back pants pocket can create this very scenario. Not to mention the pressure your wallet puts on the sciatic nerve.

3. High Heel Horror- The fact of the matter is high heels do make a womenÕs legs look fabulous, and many women like the extra height. But high heels wreak havoc on the body throwing the center of gravity off. This causes tightness in the low back, and calves, and draws your head and neck forward putting increased force on the forefoot and inner knee, which leads to degenerative changes over time. The podiatrist will tell you itÕs like being pregnant without the belly, and it doesn't end after 9 months. The damage is accumulative, and many times irreversible.

4. Cell phone shoulder- This one is a little different in the respect that most individuals recognize just how sore their shoulder and even more so their neck is after propping the phone on the shoulder during lengthy conversations. We know we are injuring our neck and shoulder at the time but are distracted by the conversation.

5. Mouse trap shoulder- this is most common one of all. I donÕt know the percentage of Americans that own and use a computer these days, but I know itÕs very high. Reaching forward, up and off to the side is a very unnatural movement and isolates the muscles of the shoulder and neck causing headache, arm pain and numbness, neck and shoulder discomfort.

Pay attention to how you use your body throughout the routines of your day. When you find yourself over reaching, stooping, sitting or standing in odd ways work to correct it. Your body will repay you. Till next time, Rebecca.