If you asked your wise grandmother for diet tips, you probably would have gotten a speech about the evils of carbohydrates or the bad calories. For some 100 years now this has been the conventional wisdom- eating bread, potatoes, pasta, beer and other carbohydrate foods leads to obesity. There is some truth here- concentrated sugars such as soda and other highly processed foods should be avoided, unfortunately the implication was that eating foods high in protein and fat would not lead to obesity. 


Fast forward a few decades to diets that tout weight loss by the complete restriction of carbohydrates using only protein and fats- the good calories, and we find our society fatter than ever. There is really nothing uniquely fattening about carbohydrates, it’s how we use them.


Most individuals will lose weight the old fashioned way, by diligently eating less of everything and exercising more, a prescription that does work if we would only employ it. Finding that balance point that is different for everyone- it simply isn’t cookbook and this is usually where we go wrong.


Some argue that exercise does not make us loose weight. Granted our muscles are not part of our digestive system but they are our fuel-burning dynamo. When we raise our heart rate to at least 80% of maximum       (our heart being a muscle as well) the body begins to burn fat. Having a healthy muscle mass keeps our metabolism higher, burning more fuel/calories. Exercise also in general reduces appetite.


The less healthy you are the less likely you are to loose weight. If you are struggling with poor health your metabolism will be slow and less likely to burn fat stores. The liver simply cannot convert fat to energy. Fat to energy metabolism being the biggest energy user for the body.


Here are some things to keep in mind if you are trying to move forward with a diet


1.   Avoid fad diets and foods. If it looks to good to be true then it probably is

2.   Stay away from artificial sweeteners- they stimulate appetite

3.   Portion size is key

4.   Eat a balance of all three foods- protein, fat and carbohydrates- long chain carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Your body cannot be healthy without them. Poor health equals less weight loss

5.   Avoid the 5 great whites- white rice and flour, salt, sugar and Crisco like fat. These stimulate insulin production through a rapid rise in blood sugar driving the appetite to new highs.

6.   Eat breakfast

7.   Don’t eat late at night

8.   Drink plenty of fresh purified water. Loosing fat is hard work- you need water when you’re working hard

9.   Exercise is a must

10.                     Get eight hours of regular sleep.


Keep in mind that a calorie is just actually a measurement of energy produced. The chemistry of our body has not changed. When you bring a diet back to this most base of levels and utilize these simple rules not only will you feel better you will loose weight. Till next time, Rebecca