The possibility that some people may possess extraordinary powers to heal has long been an intriguing idea. Although rejected by orthodox medicine, there are a number of highly respected scientists who buy into this ancient art, and claim there is a growing body of scientific evidence to support the theory that some people possess this mysterious quality.

These healing abilities seem to come in many different forms such as medical initiatives, experts in hypnosis to those whose prayer seems to have healing qualities. These qualities are viewed by some as super human and are revered while others view it with scorn. In the end when a loved one is sick, we’ll do just about anything, seek out anyone that might be able to help.

Orthodox medicine will continue to dismiss the notion that some individuals are able to heal through these alternative methods, convinced that if there was a cure it would have happened anyway, that the individual was not that ill, and the cure is a result of a weak mind open to the power of suggestion. If that’s the case, could I please have a weak mind?

Obviously the power of suggestion is an extremely potent force and we are influenced daily by simple suggestions that we make to ourselves, or made by others. As is well known, when a placebo is used as a means of therapy, the beneficial effects are most marked when the patient truly believes in the power of the placebo. I hope I can always take the placebo rather than a drug that has terrible side effects.

There are people who possess extraordinary physical, mental and even psychic qualities of which they may be totally unaware. These are qualities that remain dormant and undeveloped for most of the person's life, until they suddenly manifest themselves in strange circumstances. The most interesting case study of an individual with a great ability to help and heal was Edgar Cayce. Known as the sleeping profit, Mr. Cayce helped thousands of individuals find healing. He also left behind a huge body of work that documents his case studies that to this day can be accessed via his library in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

My own personal belief as with many, is that we all have the ability to be healers- that each us of us has a sleeping profit lying dormant. As with any skill you have to practice to achieve the desired results. Unfortunately, instead of practicing our healing skills we rely on traditional medicine to keep us well.

If you are ill and without answers, there is nothing wrong with seeking out alternative healing paths. But a word of caution, don’t try and reinvent the wheel. Start with trained professionals and go from there. Do your homework, there are indeed individuals with wonderful gifts, there are also those that will take your money for a lot of empty promises. Till next time, Rebecca.