Tired of winter and the drudge of colds and flu, I think most everyone would prefer to focus on the beauty of spring rather than the flu, but health officials here and around the world have expressed concerns about the recent outbreak of swine flu that has caused at least 86 fatalities in Mexico and has since infected eight people in the United States. Indeed an unusual time frame for a flu outbreak, one of several statistics, that continues to puzzle and concern the experts. While the experts grabble with stats and figures, we need common sense approaches to protect ourselves and our families from this most recent outbreak of swine flu. . Take a look at these simple proven flu prevention remedies.


First lines of defense:


Thorough hand washing with soap and water is one of the best defenses against the spread of pathogens. A simple bar of soap is good enough. Put plenty of action into your hand washing. Granted most virus infections are airborne but the number of viruses transmitted via direct contact is greater. Therefore, wash your hands frequently and keep your hands and fingers out of your mouth.


Get plenty of rest. At no time are you more vulnerable to illness than when you are tired and short of sleep. Studies show that immunity can be chronically depressed with less than adequate rest, leaving you vulnerable to cold and flu.


Drink plenty of liquids. Six to eight glasses of water will keep the body well hydrated and reduces the toxic load.  Adequate hydration helps keep mucous membranes moist and less vulnerable to disease.


Zinc taken in the form of lozenges is a must. I am recommending to all my clients that they use zinc daily to help prevent flu. Bathing the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat with zinc prevents virus replication. If the virus you are exposed to cannot replicate it cannot make you sick. If taken after you develop the flu it will help shorten and lessen symptoms.  Carry zinc lozenges with you at all times so if accidentally exposed to someone with a cough or cold you can protect yourself.


Vitamin C taken daily helps boost immunity. The patented form Ester C is clinically proven to remain in the body and available to the cells for 24-48 hours after ingestion. Ester C is a great improvement over other brands that wash out of the system almost as soon as they are ingested.


Flu vaccine Even though this is a new and different strain, last fall’s vaccine may afford some indirect protection by boosting immunity against viral infections.


Flu strains come and go. Most everyone in the course of a lifetime will develop the flu several times regardless of vaccines and other preventative measures- no one escapes. Using preventative measures may lessen the number of times you are sick and decrease symptoms and duration when you do get sick. Till next time, Rebecca