Looking at your budget and thinking the next thing off the list is your expensive anti aging face cream? If that’s the case don’t despair here are the best proven tips for keeping your skin looking youthful without all the expense.


Give these tried and true solutions a whirl for keeping a more youthful appearance, and don’t worry about the skin cream- you’ll furrow your brow.


1.Drink plenty of water- well-hydrated skin gives a better tone and clarity and helps prevent fine lines.

2.Get enough quality rest. Nothing will age you more than poor sleep.

3.Minimize Stress - breathe, take a walk, do what ever it takes to de-stress (and always remember to laugh!)

4.Good nutrition – is vital to your skin’s good health. It really is true that beauty starts from within.

5.Exercise regularly - walking, aerobics, Yoga whatever works for you. Regular exercise increases capillary circulation to the skin and cleanses the skin and the body of toxins that age us.

6.Take a quality Multi-Vitamin and Mineral supplement and don't forget to supplement with Omega-3 Fish Oils or Flax Oil. You'll be amazed at the difference in your skin. Fish oil supplements moisturize from the inside- you’ll be nicely surprised by the change in the quality and texture of your skin.

7.Facial massage. Forget the creams for a minute. Massage is the single best thing besides general good health that will benefit your face. Make it part of your daily routine massaging the entire face with extra attention to wrinkles, double chins or sagging jaw lines.

8.While relaxing at home add a regime of facial exercises. Just as you exercise the muscles of your body to keep them in shape, the muscles of your face need exercising as well. This type of massage/exercise strengthens the underlying muscles and reduces the signs of aging. I like the Belvi System the best; you can find some good basics on facial exercises on the internet.

9.Toning around the eyes. Using your favorite moisturizer or essential oil blend use your finger tips to work around each eye. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and subject to wrinkles. Extra attention here will pay off well over time.

10.             Finally, but not least is a big hat. Sun damage is the single biggest contributor to aging skin in particularly the face. Also, a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 is very important.


We all want to believe the marketing hype that we can find a more youthful look in jars and tubes of expensive cream. Of course there are many good creams on the market but the real secrets are so much more basic. Good nutrition, exercise, attitude and a pro-active approach to good health will be your best defensive against aging skin. Till next time, Rebecca