These are difficult times we live in. The Orientals would say, “These are interesting times we live in.” If asked, they will tell you they mean that times are difficult, but choose to put a more positive slant on things.


As we face new obstacles that life will no doubt hand us, we are sometimes forced to make dramatic changes in order to shift the energy and move forward, whether it’s poor economic times or a serious illness. The end result is self-growth and a greater expansion of consciousness. The old adage of “The more pain, the more gain” holds a lot of truth but brings no comfort at a time of crisis, so remember it’s a process one must move through. It’s the price we pay for getting to be here on this beautiful planet- the cost of being human.


Here are five basic steps to self-growth and healing

1. Set your intention/desire for change. The first and most important step for self-growth and healing is a to desire change. The first question is easy and one I’m sure you’ve already asked- how can I relieve the pain? The next two will take more thought and some determination- am I ready for change? Do I have the courage to change? 

2. Set the stage for growth. Most of us feel we need to take a trip or go on a retreat, leaving our comfort zone behind. Many times it just isn’t possible. The reality of life, work or a serious illness may prevent you from going away. Of course if you can that’s great, but what you really need to change is between your ears. “Where ever I go there I am.” If you feel particularly stuck maybe you’re trying to change too much. Underneath you may not want the whole enchilada, so would you or could you be happy with some of what you want?

3. Let go and release that which no longer serves you. Relax and quiet your mind through breathing, meditation, prayer, or just walking in nature so you can begin to contemplate and picture the changes you are wanting to make. Don’t over think things, but plan your course of action through the use of short, medium and long-range goals. Picture yourself at each step, not just at the end.

4. Rebuild and create a new vision for your life. As you work through your set goals there will be new clarity without all the drama of constantly changing emotions. We begin to see that it didn’t happen to us, it happened for us, and we are stronger for simply having faced the challenge.

5. Acceptance of your situation if allowed will now transform you. Having taken responsibility for your life you no longer have a need to blame. We learn to forgive others and to forgive ourselves and take responsibility for where we’ve been and where we are headed.


In the end, some of us will have been blessed with everything we wanted, a very few will have even more, while most of us will have to settle with some of what we want. If you’ve done the work, the truth of it is, it probably no longer matters- you can be happy with the outcome while continuing to work through new challenges and more of what you want. Till next time, Rebecca.