Fat burning foods refer to specific types of foods that either burn accumulated fat in the body or improve body metabolism. Adding these foods to your diet can help literally wash out fat from your body and give you a hotter burning metabolism that helps keep fat from accumulating again. Sound too easy? Before you give up ask those that have been successful at weight loss what they eat, you may find yourself fishing this article out of the recycle bin and reading on.


There are three reasons we become overweight. We consume more than we need, the metabolic process is slow or consumed calories are not burned due to inactivity.  To loose weight we need to address any or all of the above- using fat burning foods will help speed the process.


Here are some of the best fat burning foods that will help you shed those unwanted pounds


Citrus fruits high in vitamin C help to liquefy solid fat making it easier for the body to wash it out. It also helps reduce cholesterol accumulation as well. Most of us turn to orange juice for vitamin C but carrot juice, grapefruit, cherry juice and acai berry have a much higher vitamin C content and have more bioflavanoid content that completes the vitamin C family.


Soybean rich foods This lowly member of the plant family packs a powerful nutritional punch in many ways including fat burning qualities. Lecithin a chemical property of the soybean helps build strong cell walls and protects the cell from accumulating fat. It is also capable of breaking down fat content that is already stored. Tofu can be very versatile if one takes the time to learn how to use and cook with it. I particularly like the soy protein based drink Ultrameal. A highly satisfying drink when used with whole foods it not only burns fat but also reduces cravings.


Fresh fruit. Pectin is an essential element in cell wall health and limits the cells ability to absorb and store fat. Pectin has high water binding properties and helps keep fat in a liquid form. Apples are best, use also berries, kiwi and melons.


Garlic found to be effective in reducing the amount of fatty acid from body cells.  This power food is also good to lower cholesterol, fight heart disease, boosts immunity and contains anti-fungal antiviral properties.


Fish oil and other liquid fats. Not all fats are bad; we need good fats to stay healthy. Choosing fish oil supplements, (or salmon) along with flax, borage and olive oil actually helps your body eliminate hard fatty substances while boosting heart healthy good cholesterol.


High fiber. Diets that contain higher fiber content keep the digestive system moving more quickly not allowing for as much time for fat absorption. Use whole grains such as oatmeal, brown rice and whole wheat. Generous servings of fresh fruits and raw or lightly steamed vegetables are all high in fiber.


Plenty of water. A well-hydrated body speeds metabolism and prevents fats from solidifying. Eight to ten glasses daily is a must.


Whatever diet you may choose adding these fat burning foods to your diet will speed the process. Till next time, Rebecca