Everyone is looking for ways to cut the budget, and rightly so. This past year has given us unprecedented job loss, followed by the loss of health insurance. The thrill of winter’s high heat bills approaches, gasoline has gone from under $2 just two years ago to sometimes almost $3, driving the cost of food and everything else up, leaving us wondering where or when it will all end.


For some, high on the list of things to be axed out of the budget are supplements, massage, organic produce, bottled water, gym fees and other important health related items. When it comes to cutting things from the budget maybe you should consider nixing the land line, the new car, nail salon fees, the morning latte at the drive thru, eating out and other items that won’t directly impact your health.


Insurance giants are slow to accept the idea, that if they pay now for wellness, it will cost them, and you, less in the long run. It seems they are only interested in the day’s bottom dollar pay out. Once the payout is reached, the rest of the claims will be declined, buying time (and time is money.) It may not seem like a very good business strategy for the long term, it’s an even worse one when applied to the care and feeding of a precious commodity like good health. The body only has so much reserve power and needs everyday care without long interruptions to stay healthy. Like a 40lK, it’s not something to be squandered.


Here’s why you should stay with your supplements, massage and other programs that will help maintain your health during these difficult times.


Studies show a basic regime of supplements over time will help keep systems running well, immunity strong, reduce chronic pain and the use of patented medicines. Everyone should use a high quality multi-vitamin/mineral supplement- fish oil and glucosamine chondrotin for those over forty.


A regime of calcium and magnesium used with the trace mineral strontium will help prevent bone loss and the dysfunction that comes with, it including fractures that can be common in older women, and men.


Therapeutic massage is the great leveler- reducing stress, pain, depression, anxiety and insomnia. It naturally boosts mood, increases immunity, helps build red blood cells and feeds and nourishes the body at the cellular level. Compared to the cost of expensive medications for arthritis, depression and insomnia, the $50 you spend monthly or bi-monthly for a regular massage, is indeed a small price.


Regular exercise should never be considered a luxury. If you are one of those that can exercise at home, bike, walk, work out without the gym great, if not think twice before giving up the gym. Regular exercise helps keep all the systems up and running. It’s good for sleep, muscle tone, digestion, brain function and a whole host of other things.


Better times are on the way, but in the meantime, taking good care of yourself should not be something you put off. Facing the challenges that everyday life hands us will never be simple. Stay with those healthy choices, diminishing the quality of your life and health has never helped anyone deal in economic hard times.  Till next time, Rebecca