The Flub-a-Dub Award


January is best spent in Florida. I just got back. When we boarded the plane to return, it was 72 degrees. When we landed in Peoria, it was 10. And I call myself sane.

Bush made a shot for JanuaryÕs Flub. Again. Seems he is quite the Flubber. He wants to increase our troops in what has become a losing effort in Iraq. This is a man who has legislated the end of habeas corpus, openly supported torture, and is now declaring the possibility of war without end. With an approval rating of 30%, and 70% of the American public stating their disapproval of the war, you would think maybe he would reconsider, seeing we are his boss. But this maniac will not let reality, or public opinion, interfere with his agenda, which seems to be to drive us towards a fascist, repressive government. This guy is one hell of a Flubber.

JanuaryÕs Flub goes to an anonymous lady I saw at the supermarket in Florida. She had a child about age 7 who said hello to me as I passed them by. She scolded the child for doing so, I assume because she didnÕt want the child to talk to strangers. I suppose I understand her purpose, but I donÕt agree with it. Obviously, kids need to be taught to not go with or take anything from strangers. If someone grabs you that you donÕt know, they should scream, holler, yell, kick, bite, and scratch, in an effort to not be taken. Apologies can be made later, if necessary. But to not say hello to people is, in my opinion, a poor lesson. It is creating a generation we could call: generation fear factor. People who are dominated by fear. They are afraid to leave their homes. People who are afraid to look a person in the eye and say hello. People who are afraid to help one another. People who are afraid to trust. I canÕt deny that people get hurt, and that there are a fair share of crazies running around. But I donÕt buy that most people are like that. I donÕt buy that we should avoid danger by avoiding our humanness. While I think she was well meaning, I donÕt think she was right. I still think it was a Flub.