January, 2005. The weather outside has been frightful. About the only delight I get out of winter anymore is vacationing in Florida. Finding positives becomes more and more difficult, although I suppose fewer mosquitoes is good, and most of the bats are holed up. And the dogs can’t dig under the fence since the ground is frozen. I’m feeling better about winter already.

The inauguration was one big arrogant Flub to me. $40 million dollars! There was enough security to start another war, which I got a notion is exactly what’s going to happen. While he was on the podium declaring his vision for the U.S. ruling the world, a world poll was released which indicated that 58 percent of the world citizens surveyed felt that his reelection made the world a more dangerous place. A $40 million dollar inauguration is not likely to reduce that number.

So here’s to the mentality that thinks that Mr. Bush and his merry band of oil barons are good for

America and the world. I’m continuing to have a hard time figuring out how that is. God Bless

America is running thin in my veins. While I have nothing but the deepest respect for our troops,

I believe the safest and best course of action is to bring them home. This is a lose—lose situation,

brought about by a lie, and perpetuated by arrogance and greed.

Condoleezza Rice took the January Flub away from her boss. I guess that is kind of her job. Her hearings are not going quite as smoothly as the Bush administration would have hoped, but her confirmation is inevitable. She plays the "you are being condescending and demeaning to me" card very well. I can only hope it is not because she is the first African-American women ever nominated for Secretary of State. Still, she gives no answers to the hard questions. While I have to believe she is a good person, and am glad to see an African-American women raising to the top of the administration, I am concerned that she has fallen in with the wrong crowd. Anyway, I hope her next four years are not as Flubbing as her last four. We could use some female compassion, caring, and understanding. Now, more than ever.