February. The best thing about February is it only has 28 days. Still, February does have its positives. We always go on a golf trip in February, which I might add was quite successful this year. Alabama has some beautiful state owned courses, which, by the way, make money. February also makes for a good flub month. The new President has immediately taken the honors. I can imagine this will begin a long line of dubious distinctions for a man who, when he talks, is liable to say just about anything.

The notion of giving money to churches is high on this President's list. He has floated two schemes, both intended to make his right-wing Christian friends happy. Giving money to churches to do charity work is an odd idea at best, illegal at worst. Churches certainly should do charitable works. Helping the poor and needy are calls that all the great religious figures have made. Christ called all Christians to be full of love and goodwill. Charitable acts carry with them the theme, ''give till it hurts.'' It is more charitable for a poor man to give his last dollar than it is for Bill Gates to give a billion. Who suffers the most in their giving? Giving churches tax dollars to be charitable is stupid. We have government agencies designed to do just that, although this President opposes them doing it. Big government. In their place he wants big churches. In the end it makes no difference. The same church people work for the governmental agencies. He isn't interested in charitable acts. He is interested in funding right-wing Christian ideology.

The same holds true for his proposed voucher system. From the word go it's a joke. There should be little doubt it is a violation of church and state. But then again, one must remember the Supreme Court has chosen this President to do its work, so anything is possible. The sum total of a voucher system is that it will supplement the tuition that people pay for their children to attend private schools. Fifteen-hundred dollars is not about to pay the way for those who can't afford it. It's like a tax refund -- those who have are only going to have more. Vouchers will hurt the public school system. The public has repeatedly stated that we are not interested in vouchers. Of course, this President doesn't much care what the public thinks. We didn't even elect him. Another not-so indirect way to promote right-wing Christian ideology.

I don't much care for this President. If I could, I'd give him the Flub-A-Dub Award in person. I don't like the haves running this country. There's nothing this President will do to help the have-nots. Vouchers to help right-wing Christian schools and taxpayer dollars to perform charitable works are but two in a long list of schemes this President will promote to help his right-wing friends become richer than they already are. The environment is already under attack, labor unions have lost serious ground, and welcome to Desert Storm, round two.

Uploaded to The Zephyr Online February 21, 2001

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